What are the best series to cross over Sailor Moon with?

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Lapis Lunaris
Oct 19, 2018
Then again, even variations on Mega Man Classic play well off Sailor Moon.
I've had the idea in my head for a little while of a villain transporting the Sailor Senshi inside a Mega Man game where they have to fight eight robot masters (MM2's would be the best fit for this; as they're well known and their weaknesses are rather apparent) and have to exploit their weaknesses to defeat them. An example would be Sailor Mars using her Burning Mandala to defeat Wood Man.

What's also great about this is that it would also be an indirect nod to the Sailor V chapter where Sailor V is transported inside a video game to fight Luga, as both have similar concepts backing them.


Aurorae Lunares
Mar 8, 2012
1. I agree with everyone who's mentioned the PowerPuff Girls. That would be a great crossover. (Original PPG of course; not the reboot.)

2. Not a series, but I want a Sailor Moon x Spice Girls crossover / collaboration of some kind.

3. Also not a series, but I'd love for the Sailor Guardians to meet the Guardian Goddesses.

4. I'd totally be down for a Sailor Moon x Dark Shadows crossover. The Dracul musicals show that Sailor Moon can work well with gothic horror themes, and Sailor Moon and Dark Shadows both make heavy use out of reincarnation and star-crossed lovers. I'd love to see the Sailors take on the Leviathans or for Kaolinite and Angelique to team up.

lord Martiya

Luna Crescens
Dec 11, 2015
1. I agree with everyone who's mentioned the PowerPuff Girls. That would be a great crossover. (Original PPG of course; not the reboot.)
Come on, PPGZ wasn't that bad.

Because that's the only reboot. The one, and only.
Apr 17, 2007
I have a really good one. Metal Gear Solid.

Come on, you know Metal Gear is badass!
Oct 1, 2017
I have a really good one. Metal Gear Solid.

Come on, you know Metal Gear is badass!
Would you believe once I had a bit of an idea for one? One bit would have involved Usagi inspecting a tranquilizer pistol, only to shoot herself in the foot, literally.

But since Metal Gear 2 was set in 1999 and the first anime was set in the 90s... Hmm....
Likes: Neo King Rose
Aug 11, 2010
@Sailor Crystal Moonlight
Spoiler: show
Is going to happen in my story. Marinette's Team is one of the franchises the Hero has to team up with in order to overcome the multi-dimensional Crossover Crisis. :)

Though I don't know how to make it real yet; it can't be all written down within the limitations of a single post. Should I write one chapter, then wait and give someone else the chance to post something, and then write the next one?

P. S. : Mission accomplished! This is my 1000th post!
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Likes: Neo King Rose
Aug 11, 2010
Are you kidding? We love Miraculous! I'm addicted heavily.
That's why I just added another scene in my mind yesterday to enlarge her Cameo a little: One of the bad guys tries to escape, and both :minako: and LB tie him up together with their Love Me Chain and jojo respectively.^^

Anyone for a general sneak preview to decide whether you'd want to see the whole thing and if it meets this forum's tastes (FYI: Cat Noir would have said something where the square brackets are)?

"Good job, everyone." Robbie said over the Bunker's speaker system. "Please prepare to return to your respective Universes once I deactive the system, effectively closing down the portals. I'll send you the specific signatures and coordinates." A loud and cheerful "Affirmative." could be heard from multiple throats, followed by quick footsteps. [...]
"Well, then..." Rob turned back to the Big Bad who was still caught in his ice cage. "Any last words before I inform the local Authorities that they now may collect the pieces of what's left of you guys?" The Boss spat out despisingly and yelled: "Go to Hell, and back! I have nothing to say to you! Now, if it only wasn't for you *BLEEP*ing meddling kids..." From there, the man's speech degenerated into a plethora of profanties which made Mercury cringe and blush heavily. "S-stop it, Sir!" she whined. "You are nothing but a mean-spirited, ill-educated, vulgar and impolite person. You should be ashamed!" - "Hey, hey, easy now." Robbie took her gently by her shoulder. "Calm down. Scum like that isn't even worth the fuzz. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath and say something to yourself along the lines of 'La la la, I can't hear you, I don't listen. You can't insult me, you can't intimidate me.'" She sighed audibly and answered: "Okay, I'll give it a try." They turned around and got ready to leave, when the Captain interrupted: "One last question: Could it be - for any reason - that the two of you - you and that smurf-scalp with the tomato face - are... Lovers or something?" Now this had the kettle finally boiling over for poor Mercury. "Uh-oh. I'm outta here..." An alarmed Robbie decided to turn his tail and run away as fast as he could.
"Shut up, already!" the uncharacteristically enraged Bluenette screamed. "Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up! Just! Shut! Your! Stupid! Hole!" She raised her right hand and clogged the Sucker's potty mouth with another chunk of ice. Then she angrily turned around on her heels and hastily walked away. She stopped for a moment, taking a short glimpse at the various alternate versions of herself in these windows/monitors to different dimensions and realities, somewhat similar to one of those crazy mirror cabinets at the fairs. However, she couldn't decide who that rather strange, sickly pale-looking, bald-headed chick with the glowing red eyes in a semi-transparent, seductiveley high cut-out evening gown was and where to put her (I'm looking at you, Pusakuronu! :)), or that curly Redhead in a floating wheelchair, or... "Are you gonna take roots in there, or what?", her thoughts got interrupted. "We gotta go now." - "Y-yes, I'm coming!" she shouted, and off she went...
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Jun 30, 2010
I love Miraculous Ladybug....but personally I'd hate to cross it over with Sailor Moon.

It's not that I don't think the series wouldn't mesh well (although most akumatized villains seem to be leagues stronger than the MOTD the anime Sailor Guardians fight) with it. Part of my issue is that it meshes too well in some respects; personally I think there needs to be some sort of difference between the franchises for them to work well, and while thematically Ladybug is different, the surface similarities are too strong for me to push them together.

At the same time, though, since Miraculous Ladybug is ongoing, it's lore is still building; there may be reveals which make it incompatible with Sailor Moon.

Another big factor is the old anime is clearly a 90's series, whereas Miraculous Ladybug is a mid 10's series, and the old anime is the only continuity which would "play nice" with Miraculous Ladybug. There's a technology and storytelling gap that might not transfer.

I'm not saying there aren't other series I wouldn't cross over with Miraculous Ladybug just not Sailor Moon.

Still...I won't lie. I've had a longstanding desire to see Usagi akumatized into Harlapin. So I can see a nice one-shot where this would happen.