What if Sailor Moon ended in the first reason?

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Lumen Cinereum
Apr 1, 2020
We would miss a lot of good stuff, it probably would not have such impact in the world.

But the ending was so shocking and flawless. It probably would leave a big scar in my heart because the girls lost all the good memories they've been through with each other.
Jun 30, 2010
It would have been a shaggy dog story, one that would be begging for a sequel.

Ending Sailor Moon after Classic with everyone losing their memories would have rendered everything the girls went through pointless. Usagi would have been able to just eliminate her enemy and herself without any consequence. There would be no personal growth, no gain for any of the characters, and a lack of meaning for everything that happened. With only the cats remembering what occurred, it would mean the struggles the characters endured was for naught. It would also beg questions of how much if anything other characters would remember in their journeys, since Classic wasn't just about the sailor-suited heroines, but about supporting characters like Naru, the Tsukinos, etc.

Another point to keep in mind about Classic is that even our core team wasn't fully fleshed out. Even with Sailor Venus having an episode detailing her past as Sailor V, she would have been by far the least developed heroine. It is only in future seasons where Sailor Venus' character was actually fleshed out beyond her tragic backstory. As a result, this would make the girl power aspect ring a little hollow, as a core member of the group comes in at the last minute, and is suddenly one of the main figures and one of Usagi's best friends and part of her inner circle. In terms of episodes beyond Classic, this shift is justified, but in Classic in of itself, it would be a major detriment to the arc.
Sep 6, 2014
While I do like the bitter sweet ending of Classic I do feel like R and S are justified in their existence. In the case of R it allowed Minako to have more screentime. As Nadia said, she kind of got shafted in the first season. Only appearing in the final 14 episodes. Hell of those 14 episodes she’s out of the action for 4 of them.

And S showed the rest of the Senshi of this Solar System so no kid was wondering about Sailor Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

Can’t really justify SuperS or Sailor Stars though.

Shame S’s finale is so incredibly weak. By far the worst one