When was the last time you watched Crystal?

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Luna Nova
May 12, 2015
I used to rewatch a lot of S1S2 because of the bluray releases, S3... Uh, I just watched one time (when it was on air) never felt the need to rewatch that season because it looks awful (to me) + they never fixed anything for the home release
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Lumen Cinereum
May 1, 2015
I only noticed today that Crystal s1 and s2 had 2 writers: Yuji Kobayashi and Mutsumi Ito. Ito was responsible for some of my favourite episodes, Act 4 (Masquerade) and Act 5 (Makoto - Sailor Jupiter) and Act 17 (Secret - Sailor Jupiter). I call it good storywriting when a 20 minute episode seems much longer because a lot of stuff happens, without feeling rushed. In the two Jupiter episodes we get, for SMC, unusiually close to Makoto and her personality.
Mutsumi Ito?


Luna Crescens
Jan 21, 2017
i watched first few episodes of the first season back in the may. i intended completing it in the stay home period, but couldn't. for whatever reason crystal isn't appealing like 90s original.

but i am still curious about the dream arc. i will watch it just for rei and ami's dreams. they are one of my favorite parts in manga.
I honestly feel like the 90's anime is not worth the rewatch value for me, there's some inconsistentencies in some of the main characters' character arcs. I just can't watch it past the first season. I feel uncomfortable with putting Usagi down because of her weight, etc. I'd say the live action series had a much better portrayal of the Inner team's friendship, there where I feel the 90's anime failed, IMO. Crystal, on the other hand, they felt like friends to me in spite of their friendships not being fleshed as well as PGSM had done.
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