Where does Sailor Moon go after Stars?

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Oct 16, 2020
@Thexall They're girls, so how high do you calculate the propability of that, anyway? :lol: Only if it's like South Park's take on the "Mirror, Mirror" concept with fake costume beards, maybe.
I mean, that was obviously a joke and a hint to the trope that got heavily boosted by Star Trek: Beard of Evil;) My point is, that your twin from an another universe doesn't have necessarly to be evil.

'Cos one would be Matter and the other Anti-Matter? :ami:

P. S.: And why 'neccesarily' wiping e. o. out? How about 'fusing' like in "Avengers - Endgame" or "Infinite Crisis Crossover"?
To create some heavy drama that you can write a story about. Fusing the universes wouldn't really be something thrilling to watch in comparison, imho. Takeuchi could explore an interesting side of the protective instinct of the Senshis here: would they be willing to sacrifice billions of humans (and potentially trillions of conscious living beings) for their own world? And how would they deal with the guilt if they could?