Where to purchase the original DiC Dub?

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Luna Crescens
Mar 3, 2017
GTAB said:
I went to a used media shop today and they had a few SM DVDs The main titles that caught my eye were a few Cloverway S and SuperS volumes. However, all of them were priced between $55-60 depending on the DVD. Considering that you can get all of S (albeit Viz's redub) for the same cost as one of those single disc volumes, I found the store's asking prices to be absolutely unreasonable. In contrast to the old dub DVDs, the store also had the Viz Season 1 sets for a much more reasonable $25 each.
You can get lucky out in the wild every so often I have found a few Sailor Moon DVDs here and there in out in the real world for a good and its always a nice surprised the main places I know that sell used dvds out here where I am are like Half price books game xchange and the movie trading company. It's worth checking the anime sections for. You probably could never ever find the whole collection that way but you could put a dent in it.

Neon Genesis

Luna Crescens
Oct 31, 2015
If you have a VCR, one possible option might be to buy the DiC dub on VHS as ADV also released the episodes in VHS tapes in addition to the old Buena Vista volumes. I haven't bought any myself as my VCR isn't compatible with my TV, but I have found several VHS tapes of the ADV release of the DiC dub on Amazon for pretty cheap prices. The Cloverway dub was also released on VHS and those seem to be easy to find as well.