Who was the better Usagi

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Solaris Luna
Jul 6, 2018
Ok, before people start the witch hunt, I want to tell you I love Kotono Mitsuishi and she is a great voice actress. She has been voicing Usagi for almost 3 decades at this point and is for many THE VOICE. I have always loved her and I still do so and I remember until recently how much I hated the way Kae Araki replaced her towards the end of Dark Kingdom as well as the beginning of the R season. I remember there was a CD version of the battle with Metallia released in Japan with Kotono voicing and I always loved heer portrayal way way better and always advocated for them redubbing the episodes she was unable to voice for future releases of the 90s show. But now that I am under lock down I decided to re-watch the 90s show and my 29 year-old self ended up finding, surprisingly even to me, Kae Araki's take way more fitting. I was really surprised of myself, after all the years being a bit annoyed by her performance, to find it so so good now. I have to admit, it has been awhile since I saw the 90s show in Japanase, so it was a bit of a fresh take for me. I wonder, are there people that find Kae Araki's Usagi better, at least to some degree? I still think Kotono was much better during the more serious scenes, more emotional. but Araki sounds for me now, way more natural in the more light-hearted scenes, in the slice of life portions.
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