Whos Your Favorite Sailor Moon Ship?

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Nov 10, 2020
Luna x Artemis - Who didn't feel awful for Artemis during Diana's introduction?

Minako x Kunzite - Just something I want to see because of the Sailor V manga

Usagi x Seiya - Usagi is adorable and amazing and I liked seeing a suitor outwardly express it on the show. I'm not against Mamo and I get that he is her soulmate. Her interactions with Seiya were the more enjoyable parts of Stars for me.
Jun 30, 2010
As I've said years ago, I'm not really a fan of shipping, although I don't hate it, either.

Some of my fan (even for fun) ships are admittedly problematic.

My favorite canon ship is Naru/Umino, but then again that's only canon to the old anime.

My favorite semi canonship is Ami/Ryo, and it's semi-canon because outside of Classic, Ryo is never heard from again.

My favorite non-canon ships are definitely Mako/Ail and Mako/Crane Game Joe. Yes, I have a thing about putting Jupiter with her one-time, one-sided crushes.
Likes: Onuzim Ima
I like to ship Usagi and Mamoru because of their dynamic. It's my favorite canon ship. I like their complementary personalities. Mamoru's a hard-working, dedicated, devoted, and studious young man. Usagi enjoyed the easy life, she prefers to eat, play video games, and take naps. I, however, strongly dislike how their power imbalance was depicted in original 90's anime plus it's English dubs. Usagi was much stronger in terms magical power. Mamoru did have powers and abilities, though not to the extent he did in the source material. The aforementioned source material even gave Tux his own Crystal. The 90's anime also messed on the civilian side by not giving them an opportunity to cordial towards until the middle of the Rainbow Crystal Shards mini-arc. During said arc, they start to fall in love because they were lovers in their previous lives.
Likes: kasumigenx