WTF -- Male Sailor Soldier -- Sailor Nemesis

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DoseiNoSenshi said:
*prances* I drew the picture! Thank you for ye compliments!
You're welcome =D It's very well done!

DoseiNoSenshi said:
Kilts and evzones rock when worn by the right guys!

An evzone at the tomb of the unknown soldier memorial in Athens. The evzones that guard here are the best lookers in the entire army, so, yea. (My father was not one of them... damn genetics.)
That's not me with the evzone, but I have a picture of me doing something like that when I was a little kid. I've seen really hot guys dressed up as evzones, I dunno, maybe it's the shoes with the pompoms... let me just say that when Scottish women complain about men in kilts, I just point them to Greek evzones and say, hey, ours wear tights AND pompom shoes. No wonder everyone makes fun of our men :twisted:

DoseiNoSenshi said:
My conception of Sailor Moon isn't all cutesiness. When we arrive at late R and S in the anime, I feel an aura of seriousness. Though it is cute and hilarious at time, the theme doesn't seem to fit "Omigawd! I just love your hair, Michiru!" Not that you get that either, mcvarmazi, I just think a male Sailor Soldier would be an unexpected twist.
It definitely gets more serious, and I prefer that seriousness and the later episodes as a result. And I see your point about men in the navy, sailors, etc. This is just the area where it gets into issues of personal preference and what I'm used to.... I like my men at least dressing in a masculine way even if they're kind of femmy. So that's why, say, I definitely prefer TKamen over a male senshi just because of the tux (although he could definitely lose that hat, eegads).

But I'm not one to criticize taste in anything male-related, really.... I love Versailles no Bara and am desperately obsessed with André and even I'll be the first to admit that he's kind of a tool. :P Oh well!

Great job on the drawing, again ^_^