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Lapis Lunaris
May 19, 2012
Mount Grimrock Level 4
(Note: this is a PC (player character))
Name: Altan (human druid)
Birthday: 3rd day of Granite
Astrological sign: man with the boat/sailor
Blood type: n/a
Favourite food: slightly salted and then fried frog legs
Least favourite food: heavily spiced food.
Favourite subject: myths and legends.
Least favourite subject: economy
Favourite sport: n/a. He is a druid. he needs no sport.
Favourite colour: the lush, vibrant green of open meadows
Favourite Animal: goose. He refuses to eat geese for that reason.
Hobbies: sewing, weaving, pottery
Hopes to go to: the grove of the mountain bears, beyond the griffon peaks.
Dream: to visit the mythical fairy realm.
Stat: He is fairly dexterous, and has a good head. He isn't otherwise remarkable.
Look: He is just past his trial of nature, in which he earned his rank as a druid amongst his peers. He is thin, and not particularly well built or toned. His face, and nose, are long and thin. He keeps his mottled brown hair cut short. He is just growing sideburns, but cuts it off
Skills: He is skilled at survival, and is rather knowledgeable about the land.
Clothing&Equipment: He wears white cloth pants, a simple rope in place of a belt, and a white shirt with long sleeves. On top of it, he wears a rough grey cloak. He wields a staff for long travels, has a knife always at hand to cut herbs, pouches for storing fresh and dried herbs, and a small pot for making draughts. He also has a small backpack.
Jun 20, 2013
Name: Bebe
Birthday: March 22
Astrological sign: Aries
Blood type: i actually don't know ^_^'
Favourite food: curry!
Least favourite food: anything with mass amounts of condiments.
Favourite subject: reading
Least favourite subject: math
Favourite sport: hockey
Favourite colour: red/black
Favourite Animal: cats, dogs, ferrets, i love a lot of animals :D
Hobbies: reading, writing
Hopes to go to: England
Dream: peace!


Lapis Lunaris
Apr 9, 2011
Having Breakfast at Tiffany's
Name : Tyra
Birthday: July 31
Astrological sign: Leo
Blood type: A+
Favourite food: Cheese Cake, Crepes,
Least favourite food: Milk, Ribs
Favourite subject: Drama, Fashion History
Least favourite subject: Math!
Favourite sport: Ice skating
Favourite colour: Pink, Dusty Rose
Favourite Animal: Persian Cat
Hobbies: Shopping, Fashion Design, Movies, Acting, Meeting new people, Dancing, Vintage fashion
Hopes to go to: Paris, India, Thailand
Dream: To be a Socialite :love: :love:
Hey Everyone,

Here is my Sailor Moon Profile:

Name (you don't have to write your real one) : Rachael
Birthday: October 2
Astrological sign: Libra
Blood type: AB-
Favourite food: Spaghetti
Least favourite food: Oysters
Favourite subject: Math
Least favourite subject: Science
Favourite sport: Baseball
Favourite colour: Black
Favourite Animal: Cat
Hobbies: Writing Fanfics, Reading, watching tv, hanging out
Hopes to go to: Ireland someday to visit my roots
Dream: To be an actress