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Luna Nova
Feb 2, 2016
My collection is :
Sailor Moon Manga Kodansha Release Volumes 1 , 2 & 3.
Sailor Venus S.H. Figuarts.
Tons of fanarts by me !
May 2, 2007
What I got from the library today: Sailor Mars glass, small plastic plate and an old school activity book.


Lapis Lunaris
Jul 23, 2014
Yes like that , I'm going to display mine next to eachother when I get the new OSt so I was curious how they would look side by side .


Lapis Lunaris
May 13, 2015
Here's my collection update for September 2016! (I think I haven't posted an update here since March lol)

I've sorted things by season now because I have quite a bit so here we go! (Also sorry for the picture quality. My phone camera kinda sucks)
Abbreviations: NA= North American; JP= Japanese; EU=European

Moon Stick
Cutie Moon Rod
Spiral Heart Moon Rod
Cosmic Heart Compact

Classic Shelf:
Evil Prince Endymion Figure (NA)
Sailor Moon Backpack (NA)
1995 Moon Stick (NA)
1992 Star Locket (In a box for the Korean bootleg) (JP)
Sailor Locket (NA)
Sailor Moon Cantonese Book
Sailor Moon Twinkle Dolly
Prism Brooch (The original from 1992 that came with accessories) (JP)
Sailor Moon World Moon Stick

R Shelf:

Mars and Mercury Nail Polish Wands (Bandai Asia Version)
Crystal Star Miniaturely Tablet
Kyara Cobachi Set Game
Sailor Moon World Crystal Star
Venus and Jupiter Nail Polish Wands (Bandai Asia Version)
1993 Crystal Star (JP)
Cutie Moon Rod (NA)

S Shelf:
Cosmic Heart Miniaturely Tablet
Sailor Moon Twinkle Dolly
Musical compact (made by Yutaka)
Chibimoon Twinkle Dolly
Pink Moon Stick (NA)
Prism Heart Compact (JP)
Rainbow Moon Chalice (JP)
Chibiusa Keychain
Cosmic Heart Compact (EU)
1994 Spiral Heart Moon Rod (JP)

SuperS Shelf:
Pillow (not sure if it's official or not lol)
1995 Kaleidomoon Scope (JP)
1995 Crisis Compact (JP)
Crisis Mirror Gashapon
Crisis Miniaturely Tablet
Sailor Moon World Crisis Compact
Chibimoon Crisis Compact (JP)
Sailor Talk Denshi Techo

Stars "Rack" (lol)
Eternal Moon Article
Sailor Stars Accessory Set

Other stuff:

Bootleg Sailor Moon Plush
SuperS poster (not pictured)

This was a lot to list but I hope to get more in the future! :keke:


Lapis Lunaris
Oct 23, 2014
All SH Figuarts so far - Sailor Moon Regular, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Chibi Moon, Super Sailor Moon, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, Sailor V, Nise Sailor Moon (I don't have plans on getting the anime colored version though). Still waiting for my Black Lady and already pre-ordered the Sailor Moon Crystal version of Sailor Moon.

SH Figuarts Zero Sailor Moon Crystal - Sailor Moon, Mercury and Mars

Proplica - Moon Stick, Cutie Moon Rod, Crystal Star Brooch, Moon Spiral Heart Rod, Moon Cosmic Compact, Moon Chalice

Manga - all english versions of the Shinsouban volumes 1-13; Kanzeban not yet complete, have volumes 1-6 so far. Holding off to order the Dreams to coincide with the actual release of Dream for Crystal lol


Lapis Lunaris
Oct 12, 2016
planet of water
As much as I love SM, I'm not much of a collector, since I have a very tight budget and cannot afford to buy a lot of SM stuff. But I do collect a few pieces of SM merchandise, mainly just the stuff I want the most :mrgreen:

If anyone is interested, I've uploaded a video review of a set of old SM playing cards that I bought many years ago, come check it out :D



Lumen Cinereum
Aug 16, 2014
Well I got all the sailor moon kodansha re lease manga ,my best fiends gave me sailor moon cards, I have sailor Moon plush, and Hotaru figure . But My mom got me my christmas wish this year
Aug 30, 2010
With Sousuke Sagara
Here's a list of my recently acquired Sailor Moon merchandise:
Viz Sailor Moon R boxset and booklet
Viz Sailor Moon S boxset and booklet
Viz Sailor Moon Crystal set 1 boxset, booklet, and art cards
GEAnimation Luna plushie
GEAnimation Artemis plushie
GEAnimation Diana plushie
GEAnimation Neo Queen Serenity plushie
GEAnimation King Endymion plushie
GEAnimation Small Lady plushie
Complete set of all 5 art cards from the R movie
Mini poster from the R movie
Full size poster from the R movie

I was so lucky that my dad was able to get me the art cards and posters. :keke:


Lapis Lunaris
Oct 30, 2016
Here's my collection! ^_^ It's quite small, since I basically just collect manga and the art books. It's probably kind of dull as well, because of that... I’ve decided to include Naoko’s other manga too.

It's close to completion, with the exception of a couple of Viz DVDs (that I haven’t came around to buying yet), Marie Koizumi’s last two novels and the Nakayoshi issues with PQ Angels and Love Witch (that I’ll probably never get).

  • Japanese original edition, incl. 'The Lover of Princess Kaguya' volume.
    Mixx/TokyoPop edition.
    Shinzoban edition, Japanese.
    Shinzoban edition, English.
    Shinzoban collection boxes, English.
    Kanzeban edition.
    The Cherry Project.
    Toki’Meca, Chocolate Christmas, Maria, Miss Rain and Prism Time.
    Mermaid Panic and Maria, novel version.

  • Art Books: vol. I-V, Materials Collection and vol. ∞.
    PGSM Memorial Book.
    20th Anniversary Book.
    Guardians of Legend.

  • PGSM Box Set.
    Original anime DVDs (Viz), Classic and R.
    Crystal DVD, Classic.

  • Memorial Song Box.
    Memorial Music Box.
    Moonlight Real Girl.
    Maiden’s Poem Collection, Uranus, Neptune, Chibi-Moon Plus and SuperS in Paris.
    PGSM Complete Song Collection.
    20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute, vinyl edition.

Toys and Miscellaneous
  • Sailor Venus, SMW doll.
    Sailor Uranus, SMW doll.
    Sailor Neptune, SMW doll.
    Artemis plushie, Irwin.
    Venus Star Wand, gashapon version.
    Crescent Compact, miniaturely tablet.
    PGSM Purse
    Venus, V, Uranus, Neptune and Minako swing keychains.
    Venus Twinkle Dolly.
    Venus bow necklace and small logo necklace, GE.
    Venus Henshin necklace and Cosmic brooch necklace, KumaCrafts.
    Venus Anime Badge, GE, and Venus PGSM Badge (came with purse).
    Pack of playing cards, GE.
    Pretty Guardians Fan Club membership card and Make Up Lip Gloss.