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Aug 30, 2010
With Sousuke Sagara
My recent Sailor Moon collection additions:
Sailor Moon S promo poster from Walmart
Princess Serenity Twinkle Dolly charm
Small Lady Ochatomo figure
R movie on bluray
Crystal set 2 on bluray
set of 5 Sailor Moon socks
Sailor Moon blanket
Luna plush pen

Onuzim Ima

Luna Crescens
Aug 11, 2010
@GAC: Wow, now that's some huge plushie. Is it actual size?

P. S.: You could keep it sitting on your bed, next to your cushion, for instance. If necessary, you might need to (carefully!) wipe some dust off from time to time. Also avoid having her exposed to excessive sunlight, otherwise the colours could possibly bleach out.

@Scwatk01: Ha! I own that poster, too (Attached to my closet door)!


Lapis Lunaris
May 13, 2015
Hello All! I've added quite a bit to my collection since I last posted here so I decided to show what new items I have ^_^

Again, everything is organized by season (because I'm a crazy lady lol) so here we go! (Also sorry for the bad lighting lol)

Abbreviations: NA= North American, JP= Japanese, EU= European, BAV= Bandai Asia Version

Moon Stick
Cutie Moon Rod
Spiral Heart Moon Rod
Cosmic Heart Compact

Classic Shelf:
Sailor Moon Twinkle Dolly (JP)
Sebon Star Necklace (I got this for free!)
Disguise Pen (EU)
Cosmic Crescent Moon Wand (NA)
Star Locket (EU)
Evil Prince Endymion Figure
Sailor Moon Book (in Cantonese)
Prism Brooch Miniaturely Tablet
Prism Brooch Gashapon Mirror Key Chain
Sailor Locket (NA)
Cosmic Crescent Jewel Box (NA)
Princess Serenity Twinkle Dolly (JP)
Prism Brooch (EU)
Sailor Moon World Moon Stick

R Shelf:
Sailor Moon Twinkle Dolly (JP)
Serenity's Tiara (JP)
Kyara Cobachi Set Game (JP)
Sailor Moon World Crystal Star
Crystal Star Miniaturely Tablet
Mars and Mercury Nail Polish Wands (BAV)
Crystal Star Compact (BAV)
Venus and Jupiter Nail Polish Wands (BAV)
Chibiusa Twinkle Dolly (NA)
1993 Crystal Star Compact (JP)
Cutie Moon Rod (NA)

S Shelf:
Sailor Moon Twinkle Dolly
Sailor Moon Musical Compact (Made by Yutaka)
Chibiusa Key Chain
Cosmic Heart Miniaturely Tablet
Neptune's Lip Rod (S Version)
Chibimoon's Pink Moon Stick (NA)
Sailor Moon Crystal Cosmic Heart Mirror Compact (NA)
Prism Heart Compact (JP)
Rainbow Moon Chalice (JP)
Chibimoon Twinkle Dolly
Cosmic Heart Compact (JP)
Spiral Heart Moon Rod (JP)

SuperS Shelf:
Chibimoon Compact (JP)
Crystal Carillon
Sailor Moon World Chibimoon Compact
KaleidoMoon Scope (JP)
Crisis Compact (JP)
Crisis gashapon mirror
Crisis Miniaturely Tablet
Sailor Moon World Crisis Compact
Sailor Talk Denshi Techo toy
Super Sailor Moon Twinkle Dolly
Super Sailor Chibimoon Twinkle Dolly
SuperS poster

Stars Shelf:
Eternal Tiare
Bootleg Sailor Moon Plushie
Eternal Moon Article
Sailor Stars Accessory Set
Uranus's Lip Rod (from the Twin Lip Rod set)

Other stuff I have that's not pictured:
VIZ Sailor Moon DVDs (Season 1 Part one, R Parts 1&2, S part 1)
CWi S dub DVD
Sailor Moon S movie
Bootleg SuperS dvd
Sailor Moon Manga (books 1-9 in Japanese)
Sailor Moon SuperS Pillow
Sailor Moon Backpack


Lumen Cinereum
Jul 29, 2012
PetraNaga said:
I like your collection. It feels like you have put a lot of thought into it --you chose to collect only the items you viewed as special and you found a way to display them elegantly. A thoughtfully curated collection.