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I'm a having difficult time trying to come up with the English translation for the Mermaid Melody song "Kizuna". It's tough.
Speaking of which, my MMPPP thread hasn't been active in a long time.
So played Bloodstained: Curse of The Moon for my 3DS. Didn't realize my alchemist gets an insanely powerful sub weapon to beat that electric peacock boss.
Now I'm on chapter 9, the last hurrah. Want to get a Switch so I can get my hands on Bayonetta and Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night.
And who says there isn't leading ladies in video games?
Cancel the switch from my fiance. He has car repairs and needs to pay bills.
So might buy a Switch for myself and buy Bayonetta 2 for it on Black Friday 2018.
Which means, I need a guidebook for it.
After a one-week break, the PGSM thread will continue this week -- I'll post an update today (Monday) after work in the evening. :)