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Hi MementoNepenthe this is MariaTenebre. I have always respected your opinions and vast knowledge of the series and even if we may not necessarily agree on certain things I do respect your knowledge and over all genteel demeanor on the forum. I have a question are those recolored pics of Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter supposed to be OC characters for you? I do like their colors.
In my "Early Days of Sailor Moon" thread I shared some recolorings I did of Saturn and the Inners using the colors historically associated with their planets (e.g. green and copper for Venus, azure and tin for Jupiter). :)
So yeah, playing my import of Oninaki and NightShade on my Switch. Also got Sword for Watts hoarding. Still no trainer with luxury balls to make money off them. Also, I caught 4 Gigamax Alcremie.
I'm currently watching the original Cutie Honey series from 1973. After I finish that it's onto Cutie Honey Flash and B Gata H Kei Yamada's First Time.