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Preparing for the long-awaited Sailor Stars dub by re-watching SuperS. Definitely a weaker season, but still a super fun and cute watch! So, so, excited to finally see Sailor Stars dubbed!
Fiancé didn't shut up of The Rising of the Shield Hero, hence I got my first light novel version for 20$CDN. Hope it's good.
Hey, everyone. Just joined the forum! I love Sailor Moon, Madoka Magica, and a ton of other anime, along with classic gaming among my other hobbies (cosplay, voice acting, running, racing). Message me if you wanna chat about Sailor Moon or anything else and I'm game!
So one of the items I ordered from Amazon came with a mismatch cover for Darksiders WarMastered Edition for the Switch, which because of the rarity, they're 100$USD off eBay.

Now awaiting for my Micro SD card to come and FFX FFX-2 HD Remastered too.
The Fates artbook will come in May.
My Alice outfit might come in tomorrow. I hope it fits me cause I want to wear it for Otakuthon in August. Also, might go buy a tea tumblr so I can drink my three cans of David's Tea on the go. I have hibiscus, raspberry mojito, and mango and coconut.