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So just found out that my area has the biggest confirmed causes of Covid-19 and Montreal now has 2000 cases.
Gonna buy games online to ease the curve. Might do mini groceries. I need cake for Matteo's birthday.
Convid-19 gave me two weeks off due to the goverment. Still got groceries. Also writing about a food kink. I'm odd.
But I just finished Oninaki.
Don't want to stay up late worried about my fiancé. He's in ER. Spent last two games numbing my depression with video games. Then vomited a lot at work.
Lum-chan 80
Lum-chan 80
Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that and I hope your fiance is getting the care he needs in the ER.
Please be sure to take care of yourself and take it easy
Thanks. This was a pretty sour week when my time of the month also had arrive.
So my kigurumi is going to come tomorrow. Or not due to insane wet snowfall we're having.
Also, might pick up a Kigurumi at Kirugumi.ca once my bills are paid and I need to save money.