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I miss John, I hope he's doing alright!
As I recall, he said he'd shifted his interests to other areas again, but didn't rule out he might come back someday, like he'd done before.
Makoto just HAD to mention her Ex-Lover/Old Senpai again.^^ And what a strange coincidence that I finished that scene right on her birthday. :-D
Next chap will already be the one where Ladybug first comes into play! And let's see which of the Cameos you guys can recognize by Character Description only. :-)
Picked up an infographics book on the Assassin’s Creed universal timeline. Debating to get another Kobo gift card to pick up both Perfect Blue novels.
Starting the sub checks for SuperS, Part 2. Probably doing 3 episodes a day at this point.
Akh! Drat! Over 10,000 digits and the chapter isn't done yet, unfortunately the punchline will have to wait. :'-(

UPDATE: I apologize for all these Text Formattings, but they're essential and inevitable for carrying over the Emotions and Pronounciation correctly. :-)
What would be the minimum polite waiting time before one could 'legally' answer to their own posts so I can take my time to upload chapter after chapter and not everything at once?
Onuzim Ima
Onuzim Ima
Well, I promise I won't go that far. ;-) But I will constantly make Adjustments and Refinements, like finding better words, saving up a formulation for a later scene or inserting additional jokes.
Yeah, you may edit your posts anytime, any times you want. ^^
Onuzim Ima
Onuzim Ima
Woah... Two chapters done, and the current one was some piece of work. That's why I'm especially proud of it. :'-)

And yes, I'm deliberately trying to have characters speak in different accents or dialects.
So you had a similar idea like me - Minus the bears, of course! ;-)
Yeah, coincidentally, pretty much. I'm thinking of showing what my art looks like, though I don't know what everyone else would think...
Halloween come and gone. Might play Pokemon TCG or start by doing a heavy load for my laundry. If I can behave, I may save up to 700$CDN for Black Friday.
Hi there^^

Your Avatar, is that supposed to be a Mercury Care Bear? :-)
Yup :3

I also did one of Moon and Venus, I'm planning to do my own fan doujinshi with them as characters in it, and a retelling of the Sailor Moon story, with elements from the anime and manga, but with some changes (Sailors start out older as high school students, like for example, Usagi and Ami will be 17-18 when they start, and Minako and Rei 18, and I'm planning to have them attend Mugen Academy in my version).
So will make bubble tea. Also found some tempura instant udon noodle soup. Yeah, near the place I work has an Asian grocery store. They also had snacks, tea brushes for making matcha tea, and mochi filled with red bean paste. The bubble tea is lychee flavour. I hope no one has problems with that.
Just found out my laptop can't be fixed due to the motherboard crashed. Hence searching for a laptop on Black Friday.
I may have to try getting a Switch in April 2019.
So I may not get my Fire Emblem Fates New 3DS XL case this week due to the postal workers going on strike.
CAQ leaders will provide a provincial wide ban of marijuana due to one Montreal district banning it.
This might be the time I get that uHaul truck to move with my fiance next year. So I got myself busy with Kobo eBooks.