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It's hard to find anime dvds up here, so I asked my fiance to pick up both Sailor Moon SuperS sets and part one of SailorStars at his local Walmart. Thanks <3
Obsessed with FE Three Houses right now. The combo and social stuff are both super addicting! Also trying to fit in some cosplay work on my Ant-Man, Shinji Ikari, Sailor V, and possibly someone from Three Houses cosplay. Lots of work!
Nice. By the way, I'm done with Otakuthon and I just picked up a Claude charm from the Artists' Section. I plan to pick up that game and Astral Chain when I see my psychiatrist on the 30th.
Likes: JMac52
Nice! It’s super fun! I’m with the Blue Lions, but Claude is pretty cool. I’m going to pick up Astral Chain down the road as well as it looks interesting as well.
Also one costume I want to wear for Otakuthon is coming in next week and my Ita Bag had just shipped from Hong Kong. I know there is political tension there. I just hope I get most of my things in the mail before Otakuthon. I has con fever.
I got con fever. I do want to buy a rainbow wig, artbook, or a Switch game. I also bought an ItaBag off eBay. Also need to find charms of Ryoma, which isn't enough in my collection.
So two things awaiting for me in the mail. A dress and a custom Switch case. Hoping to pick up Astral Chain when I see my pycharist.
10 hours into Bloodstained Ritual of the Night and I can do the endgame. Or do some crazy [BLEEP] to get the best ending.
Reflector Ray shard is a ***** to master.
**** You. Yes, I'm fat. Yes I need losing weight. But don't you dare post your spam in my PM box, *******. I already fell for scams before. Don't piss me off.
Got Bloodstained Ritual of The Night early, bought Gal Metal at a con, got the Funko Pops I wanted, found purses for 14$CDN for both, and now I'm cooling off with my new water bottle.
im crying by the edge of my profile pic. gonna change it soon.

yeah its going to ruin the username but still
So Bloodstained will come on the same day I see my social worker. Will go out to challenge gym leaders in the Montreal Pokémon League. Just need to win two badges. Also picked up Reshiram and Charizard Tag Team GX for 20$CDN cause I pulled out a rare full art worth 50$CDN.
Also friend is taking me to Comic Con. So happy. Had a rough week. Still waiting to purchase Dream Daddy on the eShop.
And my dress came. Still waiting for my copy of Bloodstained Ritual of the Night for the Switch. Apparently there's a glitch in the game that forces players to restart all over again. Also need a purse since my black one fell apart.
So just got back from weddings. Cat sitting a kitty. First time I see him run around the house. Did fanart of the newest pokemon gym leader. My art sucks.
Deleted the questionable section. You can put down the pitchforks and torches now. ;-)

And I hope this little joke won't earn me another warning.

@rgveda99: What's a Yoshi Medal?
Someone deserves a Yoshi Medal.
A Yoshi rank blessed from our Yoshi Supreme - Mara.