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 Post subject: Cloverway dub with DiC scores // more fanedits!
PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 6:19 pm 
Luna Nova
Luna Nova
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Hi my friends - hope all of you in the US had a lovely Thanksgiving today. I am grateful for many things, including being able to have the hobbies I have and the great love of this series we all share in addition to family and other things I'm sure all have in common.

That being said, in my latest effort to make videos I wish I could have made 15 years ago (lol), I'm revisiting a project I previously started but never completed - in 2011-2012, I had access to (low quality) dub episodes and even lower quality DiC cues. I also was a bit of a novice at making fan edits, so I did what I could, but watching them now, I cringe, haha. I also did episodes 148-149 from SuperS. My goal now is to do all of S and SuperS... it's a goal, not yet a reality!

YouTube killed my account that I had the prior videos on; I'll share if you want me to but otherwise they're best left outside your mind in my humble opinion. I'm my own worst critic. Who had foresight five years ago? Not me! lol.

Anyway, I will try to do an episode a week, maybe more, depending on how much time I have. I did episode 90 today, and will try to do 91 soon. My prior attempts are serving kind of as templates for the ideas I had, but I'm also making some revisions.

Some scenes I am re-creating entirely with new sounds/music; others I'm removing terrible dialogue ("Everyone knows you're the bomb with other great qualities." ==> "Everyone knows your other great qualities.") and slang. Linda Ballantyne really shines with the DiC score too. I know the opinion of her has been mixed, but 1) she's a fantastic person and 2) when she wasn't directed to be Terri, she was great! She only gets better from this episode. Her Princess Serenity voice in episode 91 was awesome.

Some of the cues I have aren't the best quality; other areas I've had to re-work the dialogue because the original background music bleeds through (though sometimes it's unavoidable despite my best efforts.) I also pay crazy attention to minor details. I probably have some undiagnosed form of OCD, haha. Enough rambling, please enjoy episode 90!

Dropbox link: ... e.mp4?dl=0

The Dropbox folder where I’ll upload the episodes to is here: ... xZDTa?dl=0

(NOTE: Dropbox will only let you "preview" the first 15 minutes; you need to download the entire file to watch it from beginning to end.)

Have fun! Enjoy!

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