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 Post subject: Re: Toon Makers (Saban Moon) Sailor Moon pilot?
PostPosted: Tue Jul 11, 2017 6:59 am 
Luna Nova
Luna Nova
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GTAB wrote:
SignorinaTsukino wrote:
Bruce first crush.

Well, he is the Batman after all.


any ways on topic i feel this would be the peek of so bad its good for sailor moon fans

honestly if it ever releases i would expect a fan project to come out of "finishing" the series aka ramping up the stupid for comedy

 Post subject: Re: Toon Makers (Saban Moon) Sailor Moon pilot?
PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 8:54 pm 
Lapis Lunaris
Lapis Lunaris
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MementoNepenthe wrote:
Presumably there should be a copy of the pilot at the Library of Congress since I believe that's where they archive materials submitted for copyright. As far as I know, no one has tried to view it, though I believe the LoC only grants requests to view such materials under special circumstances (like if you're doing a research paper or something like that). If I lived in DC I would have a go at it myself. Any DC area Moonies here willing to try getting access? :googly:

ETA: According to the US Copyright Office website, there were (at least) three registered drafts of the pilot presentation, all registered to Renaissance-Atlantic Entertainment Fund, BV:

1st draft: 13 pages, registered 1994-07-07 (Sailor moon animation script presentation show)
2nd draft: 12 pages, registered 1994-07-07 (Presentation pilot for sailor moon.)
3rd draft: 9 pages, registered 1994-05-16 (Presentation pilot for Sailor moon / by Robert Rhine)

It's interesting that the 3rd draft was filed first, and almost 2 months before the latter drafts. (Which makes me wonder if perhaps the '1st draft' is really the 3rd draft, and therefore the drafts are incorrectly numbered?) The first two drafts were also titled "Sailor Moon" and registered to Renaissance-Atlantic Entertainment Fund, BV. The 3rd draft, however, has the application title "Project Y," is registered to Renaissance Atlantic (employer for hire), and is the only one with an attributed writer, Robert Rhine. (Has anyone tried tracking him down and interviewing him?) All three drafts are categorized as: Dramatic Work and Music; or Choreography.

Given that the scripts are only 9-13 pages, and 1 script page usually equals about 1 minute of screen time, the pilot they shot was probably under 10 minutes. In addition to the 3 script drafts (all identified as screenplays), there are 2 registrations categorized for "Recorded Documents" (which are not identified as screenplays, audio recordings, video recordings, etc). I'm not sure what that means, so whether the Copyright Office/LoC has any actual recordings of the pilot or just the scripts is unclear to me. However, it would still be interesting to read all the drafts of the script to see what changed.

Now, one of those "Recorded Documents" was registered on 1995-03-21, about 8 months after the first (third?) draft of the screenplay was registered. The other "Recorded Document" was also registered on that day, refers to "Project Y," and notes a transfer of copyright between Renaissance and Toei, which I find interesting. Since the DiC dub premiered in August of 1995, that means they had barely 6 months maximum to (begin, if not complete?) work on it.

Bandai America also filed a copyright for "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon" on 1994-08-11. They list the type of work as "Motion Picture" and, under "Previous Registration" refer to "Preexisting material: Japanese version of animated & live-action series (on original appl.: Japanese version of animated series)"

The Library of Congress has a listing for a "Sailor moon--music video version" from Renaissance-Atlantic. I'm guessing it's what's been on YouTube, but without it being a recording from a convention. While not the pilot, still pretty cool.

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