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 Post subject: His name is Zerono Usagi
PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2016 7:36 am 
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Aloha!~ my name is Zerono Usagi.. not to be confused with Usagi Tsukino there is no relation there I promise as a mater of fact I am not even human.. not to say that a can't look like one to say the least.. No I am a rabbit anthro how old I am is pretty old I'd say around the ohh I don't even remember..lets just say 160?.. but i am immortal so I look around..hmm..What why are you looking like that? Oh I see, so you don't believe me do you?.. Well how about I tell you about my self then..

Once there was a tribe not like the native american one no it was the kind like in south america. Have you the Legend of El Dorado? well my tribe was like that one only we are known as Rabbitics, and we are a peaceful tribe. Now let me ask you this do you know about the Spanish Inquisition? well if you do then I'LL tell you this much, they did come to our land they did invade and slaughtered my people they where savage wolves only wanting my peoples Gold these wolves where known as Lobonerrian's they where much like your Spanish Inquisition people they came the same way on boats. now you are peobably wondering how i'm still living today well that is what I'm going to tell you. It started out on a rainy spring morning I the son of the Chieftain was laying in my hut with my wife to be Renallia ..Gods rest her soul.. I wake to the sounds of the drums beating and a clansman yells running past my Hut had said "Cloud wooden monsters Invade the shores!" i get out of bed to see my father standing outside his home looking to the shores he came to me and said and i'll never forget this.."Run my Child take your wife and Run! these monsters will hunt us all you must carry on our legacy" and thus I did. We ran for miles before I could stop a shot was fired into my wife's to be Breast through her heart she gave me her talisman and told me to carry on I stayed with her as she lay dying the wolves surrounded us I closed my eyes and accepted the death they would bring me, but then time stood still and some man came through some kind of portal he had told me that someday I would exact my revenge on the wolves he gave me a power and I came with him to his Kingdom. He was Known as King Ma-Jinn Buu of the Majinn Court and he was trying to stop his father from destroying the kingdom we did but he died from assassination and I was to blame and imprisoned inside of the blood pearls that made the Ma-Jinn Elite Guards and Soldiers and I was kept this way for well over one-hundred years after that I was indoctrinated, and given a second chance and now I am a recreator some one who recreates dead or dying worlds this means I have both light and dark powers and here i stand before you as an immortal

File comment: Zerono Usagi as his human dark form
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 Post subject: Re: His name is Zerono Usagi
PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2016 6:14 pm 
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ZeronoUsagi wrote:
Now let me ask you this. do you know about the Spanish Inquisition?



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