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 Post subject: Planning fan-written unofficial episode guide! [Need advice]
PostPosted: Sun Dec 18, 2016 10:54 pm 
Luna Crescens
Luna Crescens
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Well, I'm having BIG plans right now: I've been thinking of making a Sailor Moon episode guide virtual book thingy! Here's the gist:

-It focuses on the very first season, so maybe if I get enough good feedback and such I can set to work on books for R through Stars and then some.

-The story arcs are split into their own sections. For example: season 1 will be split into the Jadeite (episodes 1-13), Nephrite (14-24), Rainbow Crystal (25-32), and Serenity (33-46) sagas.

-Character bios for the major and supporting cast, with information based on their traits of the current season.

-Each episode will be demoted to two pages and each contain a short, detailed summary, screenshots of parts of the episode, a review of the episode done by myself in a humorous/tongue-in-cheek/analytic form along with a highlight section of "Stuff To Watch For", and if it can be considered "Important" "Recommended" or "Skippable", "Bits You Might've Missed" - miscellaneous stuff lost in translation, dub changes, and liner notes for those who do not have good understandings of Japanese culture - broadcast dates, writers, directors, animators, and both Japanese and English titles (translated and DiC ones)

-A review of the whole season done by me on a scale of 1 to 5.

-Extra goodies for each volume: a look at video games, merchandise odds and ends, Sera Myu musicals, etc.

If anybody wants to give me some advice about anything regarding the processes (how do I publish things for free, like as PDF or something?), just let me know and I'll consider.

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 Post subject: Re: Planning fan-written unofficial episode guide! [Need advice]
PostPosted: Wed Jan 18, 2017 2:24 am 
Lumen Cinereum
Lumen Cinereum
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I dunno I'd argue the rainbow crystal arc doesn't end until episode 34.

Really I consider episode 25-35 the Rainbow Crystal arc (episode 35 doesn't have them but it finishes the cliffhanger from episode 34) and episode 36-46 is the Evil Endymion arc

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