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 Post subject: GLass Reflection reviews the series
PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 6:58 pm 
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 Post subject: Re: GLass Reflection reviews the series
PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 9:49 pm 
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1st off Thanks for the Video Review Link Lunatastic, I Enjoyed it and I am sure others are as well. :)

This is the 1st time I am watching this Reviews and I have to 1st say it was a Nice Honor to have his 200th Review Episode to be about Sailor Moon! Mostly I like how he presented his Views of Sailor Moon and His Nostalgia and Even gave important points like The DiC Dub being Nostalgic for Him and other Sailor Moon Fans that Grew-up with it. Also, the reference to Sailor Moon being his 1st Anime he knew was anime is something allot of us like me and others can relate too. While it was really NOT the 1st Anime I had ever seen it was the 1st anime outside of 1 episode or Movie or Special that I got into and Knew was Anime so I can relate to that allot with his experience with Sailor Moon.

My main point of his review that I like to get into is him play Devils Advocate with what Might be the Main Problem with Sailor Moon and that was the Repeat/Episodic Ideals of Most of the Episodes Sailor Moon Had. I like the fact he brought that up and not in a Mean way but a Fun way. It should not be taboo to not talk about but should also be present how he did and that was a good.

With that said, I like to say that While YEA many of the Repeat/Episodic Ideals of many of the Episodes where indeed used allot, I have to say that IMO as a Sailor Moon fan I Never saw that as to much of a BAD Thing and was really the 90's Show Main Strength with how they used it.

Almost ALL Animated made for a US-America audience at the time had truly the Repeat/Episodic Ideal down to a T, so much so that you could watch them in any order and still not get lost.

Sailor Moon did this with a Monster of the Week, Transformations, Battles, Meeting New Characters too, but they used it to their Strength and the Repeat/Episodic Ideals strength. Sometimes it is good to have Repeat points in your episode to keep the Familiar going so fans don't get to lost and they can understand what is going on. By doing this this leaves room for more time to add new content and advance the bigger story. Sailor Moon did both well, its Repeat/Episodic Ideals never went to waste, they always had an important reason in Happening like Gaining Energy, Secreting for the Rainbow Crystals, The Lost Demons, The Silver Crystal, Sailor Moon Herself, Chibi-Usa, Negative Area Points to Take over the future, Heart Crystals for the Talismans and so on.

They each built the world of Sailor Moon and seem not only have an impact on the Main Sailors but the world around them as well and you could tell. By using a Similar Formula you can mix it up and let fans know something similar of what you love is their, but that they would always will give you something New to Expand on the World Building, Character and Story Development and Mythos of Sailor Moon.

In the end, Sailor Moon while having this Repeat/Episodic Ideals, it was More of a Strength and Not a Weakness, one that is IMO Sorry to miss to hear not used as much to its strengths today in fear it will not work with Audiences today. It can, it just takes a talented Hand like the Writers of the 90's Sailor Moon Anime Did! ;)

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