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[Fan Fiction] Sailor Moon: Annihilation!
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Author:  Ryo Urawa [ Sat Jul 22, 2017 4:56 am ]
Post subject:  [Fan Fiction] Sailor Moon: Annihilation!

decided to write another Fan Fic to hopefully get my writers block for my OG story unblocked XD so here goes its a What If? Story it takes place right after the Stars Arc hope you enjoy it!

Act. 1: Galaxia Wins!?

Galaxia Laughs As Sailor Moon Holds Up Her Eternal Tiare "Your Eternal Tiare Is Useless Against Me!" Galaxia Says Using Her Power To Send It Flying Out Of Sailor Moon's Hands "No!, My Eternal Tiare!" Sailor Moon Said As Galaxia Flew Forward And Punches Sailor Moon In The Gut "Die!" Galaxia Says As She Sends A Blast Of Energy Through Sailor Moons Body "ARRRGH!" Sailor Moon Said As She Exploded.

The Other Guardians Watching From Below All Cry "No Sailor Moon It Can't Be!" They All Said Together As Galaxia Lands On The Ground In Front Of Them Galaxia Sneers "Now You Will All Join Her!" She Said Laughing Hysterically As Sailor Jupiter Stands Up And Holds Up Her Fists "YOU'LL PAY FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE!" She Screamed As She Ran Forward Throwing Punches And Kicks In Anger "Yes Let The Anger Flow Through You" She Said As She Easily Blocked Them All "I'll Make You Suffer!" Jupiter Says Tears Flowing Down Her Face "SPARKLING WIDE PRESSURE!" She Said Sending A Massive Bolt Of Thunder Towards Galaxia Which She Easily Reflects Back Towards Jupiter And She Lets Out A Blood Curdling Scream As The Attack Hits Her Dead On.

Laughing Galaxia Walks Up To Her And Lifts Jupiter Up By Her Ponytail "Time To Die!" She Said Putting Her Fist Through Jupiter's Stomach And Out Her Back Causing Her To Cough Up Blood And Die Instantly, She Just Tosses Jupiter's Limp Body Away And Looks At The Other Guardians "Who's Next?, Or Should I Just Destroy You All Together?" Galaxia Said Holding Out Her Arms With A Cruel Chuckle.

The Guardians All Look At Her With Fear In Their Eyes, "Its Pointless Guys We Can't Win Without Eternal Sailor Moon!, Galaxia's Just Too Powerful!" Mars Says Punching The Ground Mercury Shakes Her Head "We Can't Give Up There Must Be A Way To Stop Her!" She Said Weakly Standing Up As Galaxia Chuckles To Herself "So You're Next Are You Sailor Mercury?" She Said Sneering, Mercury Holds Up Her Fist "We Will Stop You Galaxia Evil Never Wins!" She Said Stone Faced, Galaxia Just Laughs "Without Eternal Sailor Moon You're Powerless!" She Said Floating Upwards "Its Time For You All To Die!" She Said Sending A Massive Blast Of Energy Towards Them The Guardians All Scream As The Attack Hits Them Killing Them All.

Galaxia Laughs As The Smoke Clears Showing The Guardians Lifeless Bodies Scattered On The Ground "Now This Planet Is Mine!, I'll Make The Earthlings Bow At My Feet And Worship Me As Their New Queen" She Said Flying Off Towards Tokyo. Meanwhile At The Time Gate Pluto Grabs Her Chest And Breathes Heavily "W-What's Going On?" She Said Waving Her Staff In Front Of Her Revealing The Horrifying Scene She Gasps "I-It Can't Be There All Dead!" She Said Going Green In The Face After Seeing The Other Outers Dead Bodies.

Pluto Looks Down Sadly "I-I Got No Choice" She Said Sadly As She Waved Her Staff Once Again And A Transformation Pen With The Planet Sedna Falls Into Her Hands "I Must Crown A New Sailor Sedna" She Thought As She Waved Her Wand Summoning A Girl With Brown Hair Wearing A Blue And White Schoolgirl Outfit She Has A Green Bow On The Back Of Her Head And She Has Blue Eyes.

The Girl Looks Around "W-Where Am I?" She Said Nervously As Pluto Walks Over To Her "You're In The Time Gate I Brought You Here" She Said, The Girl Looks At Pluto Then Walks Over "Who Are You?" She Said Worried, Pluto Shook Her Head "My Name Is Sailor Pluto I'm The Guardian Of Time And Space I Summoned You Here To Give You This!" She Said Holding Out The Transformation Pen, The Girl Takes It And Looks At It "What Do I Do With This?" She Said Confused.

Pluto Smiles "Hold It Up High And Say Sedna Planet Power Make Up!" Pluto Said As The Girl Nods "SEDNA PLANET POWER MAKE UP!" She Said Transforming Into Sailor Sedna, Pluto Looks At Her "You Are Now Sailor Sedna......Naru Osaka!" Pluto Said Seriously As Naru Examines Her Outfit "Its A Nice Outfit But Why Exactly Did You Choose Me?" Naru Said Curiously Pluto Just Smiles "I Chose You Because I Felt You Were Destined To Hold That Pen!" Pluto Said Bowing Her Head Slightly "Now Will You Help Me Defeat Galaxia?" Pluto Asked, Naru Held Out Her Hand "I'll Do My Best Sailor Pluto!" Naru Said Confidently As Pluto Shook Her Hand.

Act. 1 End

Author:  chrissifniotis [ Sat Jul 22, 2017 6:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Fan Fiction] Sailor Moon: Annihilation!

Wow, you really didn't hold back here! I'm liking the story so far, I find it interesting you seem to always both put Naru into a senshi role and always make her Sailor Sedna, but I'm not complaining.

Author:  Ryo Urawa [ Sat Jul 22, 2017 6:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Fan Fiction] Sailor Moon: Annihilation!

chrissifniotis wrote:
Wow, you really didn't hold back here! I'm liking the story so far, I find it interesting you seem to always both put Naru into a senshi role and always make her Sailor Sedna, but I'm not complaining.

this story isnt canon with my other two stories and im too lazy think up an original character XD

Author:  chrissifniotis [ Sat Jul 22, 2017 7:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Fan Fiction] Sailor Moon: Annihilation!

Ryo Urawa wrote:
chrissifniotis wrote:
Wow, you really didn't hold back here! I'm liking the story so far, I find it interesting you seem to always both put Naru into a senshi role and always make her Sailor Sedna, but I'm not complaining.

this story isnt canon with my other two stories and im too lazy think up an original character XD

:lol: :lol: :lol: You're a riot mate! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Author:  litacan [ Sat Jul 22, 2017 8:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Fan Fiction] Sailor Moon: Annihilation!

I'm glad you are making another Sm fic that's great!! :oh:

Author:  Ryo Urawa [ Sun Jul 23, 2017 8:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Fan Fiction] Sailor Moon: Annihilation!

^^^thanks Litacan :happy: :D

Act. 2: Pluto And Sedna Take A Stand!

Pluto Smiles "Are You Ready Sailor Sedna?" She Said As Naru Nods "Lets Go!" Naru Said Still Holding Pluto's Hand, Pluto Takes Her Hand Back And Waves Her Staff Sending Both Of Them To Earth Where They Land In The Debris Of The Battlefield Sedna Looks Around "Oh My God This Is Terrible!" She Said Putting Her Hand On Her Mouth Crying And Pluto Nods Sadly "Galaxia Must Be Stopped!" Pluto Said With Tears Falling Down Her Cheeks.

Naru Wipes Away Her Tears Using Her Gloves "Where Is Galaxia Pluto?" She Asked With A Little Anger In Her Voice Pluto Shakes Her Head "I Thought She Would've Still Been Here" She Said Calmly Looking Around Then She Quickly Turns Around And Notices A Huge Black And Red Castle Floating In The Air "Since When Did Galaxia Have A Castle?" Pluto Said Puzzled.

Naru Looks At The Castle With Fury In Her Eyes "Who Cares?, Lets Just Go Make Her Face Justice!" Naru Said Shaking With Anger, Pluto Then Walked Over And Hugs Her From Behind "Keep Calm Sedna, I Know You're Angry But You Can't Win If You're So Mad You Cannot Even See Straight" Pluto Said Kindly And Calmly Naru Puts Her Hand On Pluto's Arm "You're Right Pluto Thank You" She Said Calming Down But She Suddenly Goes Red In The Face And Her Heart Begins To Race "W-Why Do I Feel Like This?" Naru Thought As Pluto Continued Hugging Her.

Naru Turned Slightly And Looked Up At Pluto Who Smiled Kindly At Her Making Her Go Even Redder In The Face Then She Rested Her Head On Pluto's Shoulder "I Never Want This To End" Naru Thought Happily As She Closed Her Eyes Pluto Looks Down At Naru "I Think We Should Get Moving Sedna" She Said Coughing And A Little Red In The Face Too.

Naru Opens Her Eyes Looks Up At Pluto Then Jumps Backwards Out Of Her Arms And Puts Her Hand On The Back Of Her Head "You're Right Pluto" Naru Said Laughing "Oh God Am I Falling In Love With A Woman!" Naru Thought As A Bead Of Sweat Can Be Seen On Her Face, Pluto Just Laughs But Is Still Red In The Face Herself "Come On Lets Go" Pluto Said And They Both Walk Towards The Massive Castle.

As They Reach The Castle Pluto Looks Up At It "At Least There's No Barrier" She Said Happily As Naru Nods "How Do We Get In?" Naru Asked Her Eyebrows Raised, Pluto Smiles "Leave That To Me Sedna" She Said As Pluto Waved Her Staff And Surrounds Both Of Them With A Bubble She Then Slams The Bottom Of Her Staff On The Ground Causing A Big Explosion Rocketing Them Towards The Front Door Where They Land Perfectly And The Bubble Disappears.

Naru Looks At Pluto With Awe "That Was So Cool!, Lets Do That Again!" Naru Said Extremely Giddy Pluto Just Laughs "Maybe Later We Got A Job To Do Remember?" Pluto Said Amused Naru Sighed "You're Right Pluto Sorry" Naru Said Looking Around "Nice Castle" She Thought

Act. 2 End

Author:  Ryo Urawa [ Thu Jul 27, 2017 8:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Fan Fiction] Sailor Moon: Annihilation!

Act. 3: Super Sailor Sedna Is Born!

Pluto Points At The Door "Let's Do This!" She Said Confidently As Naru Nodded And Walked Through The Door With Her And Once Inside They Come Across A Massive Throne Room With Galaxia Sitting In The Throne On Top Of A Staircase With A Red Carpet Running Down The Stairs She's Looking Down At Them Sneering "So I Missed Two Of You Huh?" She Said Chuckling.

Pluto Glares At Galaxia Then Points At Her "You Will Pay For This Galaxia!" She Said Calmly As Galaxia Floats Down Towards Them "You Know Full Well You Can't Stop Me Pluto!" Galaxia Said Laughing As Naru Punches Her In The Face "You Will Face Justice Monster!" Naru Said Confidently, Galaxia Just Glares At Naru Her Fist Still In Her Face "Get Lost Small Fry!" She Said Punching Naru Hard In The Gut Sending Her Flying Backwards Hitting The Wall.

Galaxia Returns Her Gaze Towards Pluto "I'll Deal With You First Pluto!" She Said Sneering As Pluto Pointed Her Staff At Her "DEAD SCREAM!" She Said Sending A Planet Looking Blast Towards Galaxia Who Just Swats It Away Like It Was Nothing "You Weakling!" She Said Using Her Powers To Choke Pluto And Lift Her Off The Ground Into The Air And As Pluto Is Gagging She Rushed Towards Her And Pummeled Her With Kicks And Punches Causing Her To Cough Up Blood Ending With One Final Massive Kick To The Head Sending Pluto Crashing Into The Ground Next To Sedna.

Naru Horror Struck Grabs Pluto's Hand And Sits Her Up Putting Her Other Hand On Her Back "PLUTO PLUTO Speak To Me" Naru Said Terrified Pluto Turned Her Head And Looked Over At Her Then Smiled "S-Sedna T-Take What's L-Left Of My Power A-And B-Become Super Sailor Sedna T-Then D-Destroy Galaxia!" Pluto Said Coughing.

Naru Tears Flowing Looks At Pluto "Please Don't Die Pluto I Need You!" Naru Said Pleading Pluto Continues Smiling "N-Nothing C-Can Stop That Now, Please Take My Power I-I Beg You!" Pluto Said Crying, Naru Looks At Pluto And Nods "Pluto I....I Love You!" She Said Kissing Her Causing Pluto's Remaining Power To Go To Naru, Galaxia Reels In Shock "W-Whats This Power I'm Sensing?" She Said Watching Sedna Transform Into Super Sailor Sedna Her Outfit Looks The Same Except She Has Massive White Wings On Her Back And Her Boots Turn White.

Pluto Smiles At Naru "I'll Always Love You Sedna!" She Said Going Limp And Dying In Naru's Arms "GALAXIA!" Naru Yelled As She Gently Placed Pluto's Body Down "YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!!!!" Naru Said Fury Etched In Every Line Of Her Face.

Act. 3 End

Author:  FloraKiraraHime [ Thu Jul 27, 2017 11:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Fan Fiction] Sailor Moon: Annihilation!

^It's looking good!

Author:  Ryo Urawa [ Sat Aug 05, 2017 12:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Fan Fiction] Sailor Moon: Annihilation!

Act. 4: Super Sailor Sedna vs Galaxia!

Naru Floats In The Air Glaring At Galaxia "Your Tyranny Ends Now!" She Yelled Angrily As She Threw Her Arm Out Summoning Her New Staff That Resembles Pluto's Except The Bottom Is Pointed Without The Key Shaped Bottom Galaxia Looks At It "Even With Your New Power You Won't Win!" Galaxia Said Laughing. Naru Points Her Staff At Galaxia "Your Arrogance Will Be Your Downfall!" She Said Holding Out Her Staff "BEAUTIFUL JUSTICE EXPLOSION!" She Yelled Sending A Blast The Size Of All Three Outer's Attacks Combined Towards Galaxia.

Wide Eyed Galaxia Holds Out Her Hands And Catches The Attack Pushing Her Back Towards The Wall Of Her Castle "I-Impossible No Guardian Has This Kind Of Power N-Not Even Eternal Sailor Moon!" Galaxia Grunted Pushing The Attack With All Her Strength, Naru Screams As She Pushes The Attack With All Her Strength "For All The Innocent People You Killed, For All The Guardians You Destroyed, I WILL DESTROY YOU!" Naru Screamed Adding More Strength To Her Attack Smashing Galaxia Against The Wall "NOOO!" Galaxia Yelled As The Scene Goes Black And A Voice Is Heard Screaming "MISS TSUKINO!".

Usagi Wakes Up With A Start And Looks Around And Sees Her Teacher A Brown Haired, Slim Woman With Blue Eyes And B Cup Breasts Holding A Wooden Ruler Looking At Her Angrily "Miss Tsukino Were You Just Sleeping In My Class!" She Said Annoyed, Usagi Looks Around Then Sighs "It Was Just A Dream Thank Goodness!" She Said Not Even Looking At Her Teacher, She Slams The Ruler Shes Holding On Usagi's Desk "Miss Tsukino I Asked You A Question!" She Said More Annoyed.

Usagi Looks At Her Teacher "I'm Sorry Miss Sakurada" Usagi Said Standing Up And Bowing Miss Sakurada Crosses Her Arms "You Can Go Stand In The Hall Miss Tsukino" She Said Pointing To The Door, Usagi Walks Out The Door And Stands In The Hall And Notices Naru Is Standing There "You Fall Asleep Too?" She Asked Yawning Naru Chuckles "Yup But It Was Worth It" She Said Smiling.

Usagi Looks At Her "Another Nephrite Dream?" She Said Giggling Naru Goes Red In The Face "Yup He's So Dreamy" She Said Also Giggling, Usagi Sighed "Normally I Dream About Mamo-Chan But This Time I Dreamed Galaxia Destroyed All Of Us Except For Pluto Who Enlisted You As Sailor Sedna" She Said Looking Down "But I Met Galaxia She Was Super Sweet And She's The Reason I Became Sedna!" Naru Said Confused, Usagi Shakes Her Head "This Was Before I Purified Her Of Chaos, Back Then She Was A Cruel Woman" Usagi Explained.

Naru Grabs Usagi's Hand And Smiles "It Was Just A Dream" She Said Happily "Almost Forgot In My Dream You And Pluto Fell In Love!" Usagi Said Giggling, Naru Goes Red In The Face "Me And Pluto?" She Said Flustered, "You Even Kissed!" Usagi Said Wrapping Her Arms Around Herself As She Laughs Hard Naru Coughs "Nephrite Is The Only One For Me Usagi!" She Said Still Red In The Face "Besides Pluto Is Like A Big Sister To Me It Would Be So Wrong!" She Said Annoyed.

Act. 4 End

Note: I'm Not Done Writing yet :happy:

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