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 Post subject: What kind of monster have you become? [Forum Game]
PostPosted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 6:54 am 
Luna Crescens
Luna Crescens
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Some androgynous villain with cool hair, a silly costume, and a tragic backstory has just teleported in from nowhere, spouted some nonsense about how their evil masters are super great and about how they're 'definitely' working for them willingly, then zapped you, forcing you to join them in servitude. Now you are a monster!

Perhaps you're a spooky youma, or a goofy youma. Perhaps your skillset is defined as a phage. Perhaps your dream was eaten and you are feeling a bit circusy as a lemures. Or perhaps you were an inanimate everyday object, and now you're a daimon! Or something else entirely.

Answer some or all of the following questions. (And feel free to play more than once.):

1. What do you look like / do you have a theme?

2. Do you know which type of monster you are, if any?
(Youma, Cardian, Genius Locii, an 'oogity boogity from Badguy Land', etc.)

3. What are you called?

4. How do you attack, when those darn Sailor Senshi appear brandishing the Moon Stick at you?

5. What are you trying to take from Human victims?
(Energy, the eighth+ Rainbow Crystal, Pure Hearts, the Golden Mirror, Star Seeds, their socks and underwear collection, etc.)

6. If you have to shout one word when you're defeated, what would it be?

-- I'll start things off. -----------------------------------------
But I have a true star seed and am an evil heiress, so none of this would actually work on me, bwahaha.

1. I am a reclusive, turtle-shelled girl. When I hide in my shell all you can see is my glowing eyes. When I stand up the shell turns into bikini armor somehow. I have blue-green skin and cool blue hair that curls like ocean waves.

2. I am a phage.

3. I am Sailor Turtle!

4. I attack by retreating into my shell and flying around through the air like a Gamera knockoff, but instead of jets for the propulsion, I extrude four garden hoses that make everybody fall over. I can block Sailor Mars and Mercury's attacks, but I'm no good against Sailor Jupiter. I'm also really slow and wouldn't have even gotten my attacks off, except everybody else got distracted somehow.

5. Being a phage, I am a failed attempt to steal a true star seed. :(

6. "Splooooosh!"

Image ~ Heir to the Dork Kingdom ~

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