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 Post subject: Another Story OST question
PostPosted: Mon May 22, 2017 7:33 pm 
Aurorae Lunares
Aurorae Lunares
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It looks like all midi music used in Sailor Moon Another Story game can be found in the anime-like versions (basically music by the same composer as the 90s anime) on three albums: Sailor Moon: Super Famicom Edition OST, Sailor Moon R Game OST and Sailor Moon Another Story OST. As an example we have this

and the version from R game OST

I found every single equivalent of the in-game pieces on those three albums except for one that i cant quite put my finger on.

Its this one

I've checked and nothing really fits this song on those albums except for this one that is also titled Crystal Tokyo but the composition is so different (unlike pretty much all the other examples).

Do you think this might be the same music just in two very different arrangement?

 Post subject: Re: Another Story OST question
PostPosted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 3:17 am 
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Yes, it seems that it's just a very different arrangement (there are still some parts of the original "main line" can be heard). I'd the same question long time ago about this track.

BTW: Crystal Tokyo Palace Theme (R game/Another Story) it's a very different arrangement of the one romanting BGM from the anime (I call it "Dreams" (in meaning - Day dreams) as it doesn't have it's own name) - a third cue in the first music box 4 track "Hoshizora ha Mysterious" (“Mysterious Starry Sky”) (

There is a completely opposite situation with the another track (from the game to anime) - it's from Classic game track 10 "Hokkyokuken D Point" (“Arctic Circle D Point”), in anime it was one of the attacks themes of Outer Senshi. It's a second cue in the S Music Box (disc 4) track 14 "Sailor senshi doushi no tairitsu" (“Sailor Soldier Companions Confrontation”).

The same goes for the another track - the ending for the classic game 15 track "Kyodai Queen Beryl" (“Gigantic Queen Beryl”) it was used in the scene with the almost redeemed Queen Nehelenia in Sailor Stars/before the full Sailor Moon Eternal transformation (6 episode) - Music Box 6 it's the last cue in the track 6 in "Toraware no Sailor Senshi" (“Captured Sailor Soldiers”).

The other that could be mentioned are just another arrangements of the anime tracks - Muunraito Densetsu (intros and so on), Moon Prism Make Up (Battle themes in Another Story), Stage Boss - Music Box 1 the last cue in the track 7 "Darekani Nerawareteiru" (they are similar, but are not the same)...

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