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 Post subject: Official GEAnimation Merchandise thread.
PostPosted: Fri Aug 26, 2016 10:03 pm 
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So, we all know GEAnimation is the current distributor of Sailor Moon merchandise in the U.S. and that they rely on Marco Albiero's artwork for a lot of products. So take a look at their info only page for Sailor Moon and look at all the old and new products and talk about your favorite products, upcoming ones, or just stuff that you'd like to see. I really wanna see a Princess Serenity plushie by them, I still need to get NQS, King Endymion, and Small Lady. Also, they have a Diana plushie coming out, I still need Luna and Artemis. My favorite products from them are the Star Locket necklace and the Cosmic Heart necklace, though I really want Sailor Moon's earrings and brooch as well. Their jewelry is adorable, the plushies are cute and we're finally getting some villain plushies and one of Moonlight Knight too. It's nice to see their merchandise online, but it'd be cool to see them at Walmart or Target or Barnes and Noble. So, throw out your thoughts and suggestions here.

Credit to Prince Rose for the image. :love: :hug:

 Post subject: Re: Official GEAnimation Merchandise thread.
PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2016 1:03 pm 
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I could've sworn I saw some at my local Books-a-million. The stuff I saw was the sailor moon plushie, luna plush, a very horribly made $20 wallet (which I own; the $8 samatha vega bootleg wallets that were on aliexpress are better made than that!), and some other stuff, some of which I have no idea is ge or not. :neutral:

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