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Author:  Luna-chan [ Sat Dec 03, 2016 3:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: General RP Discussion Thread

CureNa11♡ wrote:
Anybody wanting to do a noncanon RP? I have a senshi profile for my Otaku Senshi:

Spoiler: show
Character Name: Misumi Tokoyo
Gender: Female
Age: 14

Character Image:
Personality Traits:
She wants to become an astronomer, and to explore the universe, to be exact, the stars. Misumi has always loved the stars as as younger child. Every time they came out at night, she asked her mother to allow her out, before bedtime.

In general, Misumi is a proper teenage girl, she is smart, ladylike, and very responsible, thus being mature enough to get a job. She has a weak spot for space, science, and the science of the universe. Every time, every single time, when a space-related thing or even a tiny piece of info about the universe, she turns pink, and suddenly loses these "lady-like" qualities and behavior.

She doesn't like making friends, and enjoys being independent, and is quite lonely, she always, and very clearly states that she does not believe in "love". She even denies that love exists. She also dislikes children, as they tend to bother her.

Storyline Specific Information: In the Hearts in Love (soon to come roleplay) RP, Misumi also loses her lady-like qualities when she meets [Civilian Name], and starts to fall in love with [Civilian Name], slightly loses interest in space/the universe.

Additional Information: She works at dokidoki sweets, does not like making friends, is a dandere. She only has a mother, no siblings, is middle class, lives in Mokoto City.

RP Sample:
Misumi looked at her alarm clock, and, in alarm, she figured out quicky, that she was late for a school meeting. A very important school meeting, as it was time for the observatory group at her school to select times to go to...a real observatory. The group never really went to observatories, so this was the group's, not to mention Misumi's, time to shine.

"I'm so late! But who must take my blame?" She then proceeded to blame her mother, but then she relized that blaming her wouldn't help, as she would still be late, even more late, to be excat. "Well, goodbye, mother, I'm off to see how much more I can get out of my meeting!"

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Magnificent
Senshi Fuku: Image
Powers and Magical Items:

Starry Make Up: creates a ray of beautiful stars that confuse the enemy, making her able to attack with a pan.
Magnificent Star Show: the first attack, but this time she has a very proper weapon, a star rod, which emits light that can make the enemy surrender, thus allowing her to attack with the star part of the rod, the star-shine (which is the top), the star rod was actually disguised as the long necklace she wears in senshi form.
Star Power Shine: this attack, again, allows her to confuse her enemy with light, however, she shouts "star power", and physical stars puncture the enemy.
Shining Brooch: her transformation item, which is the star in the center bottom of her neck, she shouts "SHINING BROOCH" to transform.
Star Rod: used in the Magnificent Star Show attack, it looks similar to an earring, but bigger and with a purple-bluish handle.

I'll gladly do a roleplay with you !

Author:  Princess Venus [ Sat Dec 10, 2016 1:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: General RP Discussion Thread

Prince Rose wrote:
NavalCommanderMercury wrote:
Are CYOAs allowed?

I don't see why not
Anyways @CureNa11
Pv is right, I have my own version of the sm universe split into 3 plus timelines the first timeline being the official canon

Second timeline being an alternate future where my original character is dealing with my original villains but the inners/dark kingdom never awoke while trying to return to the silver millennium after being thrown into a time dimension warp by my original villain just before Metalia took over Beryl

Third timeline has my original character inners outers official villains and original villains, main original big bad is part of chaos, alternate events and differences from the canonverse like chibiusa actually grows up by Stars due to not having tux as her father in this timeline, speaking of tux, he is the Golden Crystal holder

The story covers before silver millennium, then certain events in the Silver Millennium leading to the canon timeline, the alternate future, return to silver millennium to create 3rd timeline leading to alternative versions of Codename Sailor V, Dark Kingdom, Black Moon, Infinity, Dreams, A new original arc, Stars, Crystal Tokyo, and the Cosmos Era

Then there's a 4th timeline which has completely original stories characters etc

Anyways I bring it up because I might get my Rp going soon so I might join yours while Im at it

Okay, saying this now. Out of all them, Valorc is "The Friend Nobody Likes."

As for Mayu (And, allow me to flesh out Damia a bit...), Damia essentially lets him do what he wants, never really telling him what to do. "The boy lost someone very important to him. It's best to give him some space."

Spoiler: show
Yulayan records show that there was a child named Damia. Records also show the girl's parents died of an illness, and that she was adopted by a Gulayan couple. She and Mayu are also alike in that they both possess a genetic mutation that makes them unnaturally strong for members of their species. While this mutation is common enough to be well-documented, even amongst them, Mayu is unusual in that he's also more aggressive as a result. He outright enjoys fighting, and prides himself on his strength. According to some theorying from some of Conton City's finest minds, the Yulayans were formerly a warrior race, much like the Saiyans. However, once their former enemies were no longer a threat, the species eventually evolved to be more peaceful, but the mutation is essentially a relic from those days.

On the topic of evolution, the Yulayans have been noted to be an incredibly adaptive species. They've evolved to the point that males as well as females can bear children, regardless of the gender of their partners.

Author:  Darkstar7 [ Tue Dec 13, 2016 12:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: General RP Discussion Thread

The ideas look really great. I hope to think of one, but a bit worried that it might not interest anyone because of the idea, and the way I write.

Author:  NavalCommanderMercury [ Wed Dec 14, 2016 6:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: General RP Discussion Thread

Anyone interested in a CYOA based off of Shadowgate? You play as a young mage storming the castle Shadowgate, trying to take out the warlock Lakmir. The castle is full of traps and monsters waiting to ambush you.

Author:  Darkstar7 [ Wed Dec 14, 2016 7:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: General RP Discussion Thread

What's Shadowgate?

Author:  Princess Venus [ Wed Dec 14, 2016 9:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: General RP Discussion Thread

So for those who may need a general story outline, here's how it goes...

Dark Kingdom/Vanitas arc
Black Moon arc (also introduces Mayu's subordinates. Especially the Saiyan/Yulayan hybrid Fennel. Who, behind his girlish figure, rivaling even Zoisite or Fisheye, and flamboyant mannerisms, lies a savage heart very much befitting his Saiyan heritage.)
Death Busters Arc
Dreams Arc

Cosmos Arc (heavily expanded Stars.) But a threat even greater than Galaxia or even Chaos looms... And it's the last person Usagi would expect...

The Future version of Makoto Kino, having abandoned, tossed away her Senshihood, to become an outright god.


The likes of Galaxia and Gemini have given her an overall poor impressions of Sailor Senshi. (The Sol System Senshi being an exception, not the rule.) So on top of her major plans, controlling and manipulating history and fate, she and her boyfriend (her timeline's version of Yua) also seek to exterminate any Sailor Senshi who get in their way.

Though they may have extra help, their main underlings are Pyrrha Nikos, the "Invincible Girl" from Remnant, rescued from death (And also made incomprehensibly stronger.) And a greater abomination than Chaos... Their a servant, a Heartless infused with intelligence to evolve beyond its instincts, and transmuted with godly power... Goku Black.

image.jpeg [ 230.38 KiB | Viewed 5488 times ]

Author:  Darkstar7 [ Wed Dec 14, 2016 11:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: General RP Discussion Thread


Author:  Princess Venus [ Thu Dec 15, 2016 1:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: General RP Discussion Thread

Heck, half the villains are pretty terrifying!

Gemini? She's may look pretty... But she's also a manipulative charmer with sociopathic tendencies. She's also Princess Serenity's half-sister, and even has her own equivalent to the Silver Crystal, the Zodiac Ruby.

Mayu? Almost nothing like his brother. While Yua is... Sort of a wimp (despite being a demigod) Mayu isn't. Not only is he much more capable in battle than his brother, he's an outright warrior prodigy. Though... Unlike Gemini, or... Pretty much everyone else, he isn't outright evil. In fact, he truly cares for those who work under him, is very much a "daddy's boy" (the two were very close... Mayu was utterly devaststed by his death), and he values his family and people above all else.

Maybe that last one TOO much. Because some of the stuff he's done? Not nice. Before the climactic battle at D-Point, he'd gathered the Super Dragon Balls, though had to change his initial plans when he was almost killed by Vanitas, and, sooner than he planned, and with a completely different wish than he intended, he summoned the original, as well as the mightiest, eternal dragon, Super Shenron.

File comment: If he had nothing else to wish for, he, in theory, literally could've just wished for Chaos and its incarnations such as Metallia, out of existence. What he asked for was not just easy, but downright TRIVIAL to Super Shenron.
image.jpeg [ 54.76 KiB | Viewed 5411 times ]

With the Super Dragon Balls, rather than just save himself from death, he decided he needed to become stronger, for not only revenge on Aqua, but for his people, and his brother. With his wish, he wished for his heart, soul, and even his very blood and DNA to not only be transferred to a new body (that being the body of Yang Xiao Long), but that he also be allowed to keep the vessel's old abilities (despite it now being his body on a genetic level. And due to this, the already potent body of Yang Xiao Long became even stronger right off the bat.)


So now not only is he a natural warrior, now that he has Yang's body? He has her Semblance. Which literally makes him stronger as he fights and takes hits.

Author:  NavalCommanderMercury [ Thu Dec 15, 2016 4:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: General RP Discussion Thread

Darkstar7 wrote:
What's Shadowgate?

An old NES point and click adventure game.

Author:  Darkstar7 [ Thu Dec 15, 2016 4:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: General RP Discussion Thread

Oh. I think I saw that in a old video game magazine. I still feel like doing a Sailor Moon rp.

Author:  Princess Venus [ Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: General RP Discussion Thread

For no real reason, I have contacted the best scientists in the world, and I have finally come to the conclusion, Bishonen!Rei is indeed... Adorable.


Seriously, look at that smile. He knows the next people who come into the shrine are getting baked treats and tea.

And for those newcomers, yes, that is LEGITIMATELY, pretty much what Rei looks like in Bishonen Senshi Sailor Moon. Barely any different in appearance except in the most obvious area. (And maybe less feminine eyelashes?)

Also, has the voice of Miyu Irino (Haley Joel Osment in English.)

Author:  Darkstar7 [ Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: General RP Discussion Thread

The 90s anime or another Sailor Moon anime before Crystal?

Author:  Princess Venus [ Thu Dec 15, 2016 3:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: General RP Discussion Thread

Not sure what you mean by your question, but it was an RP, and to this day, still one of my favorites. I still have DREW's sketches for Ami, Usagi, and Rei.

image.jpeg [ 238.78 KiB | Viewed 5374 times ]

Author:  Princess Venus [ Wed Jan 04, 2017 5:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: General RP Discussion Thread

Guys, I don't know how, but yet another stroke of accidental brilliance.

Mayu is... Almost unnaturally charismatic. He seems to inspire loyalty into anyone who serves under him, even if they have savage hearts like Neopolitan or Fennel.

Mayu's mother is... Loosely based on the Shinto Goddess, Benzaiten. A goddess of, among other things? Words, speech, eloquence... Basically everything a charismatic leader would ever need. And being part royalty just seals it.

It gets even better. She is heavily associated with not only snakes, but dragons. an association that is furthered by Mayu when he summons Super Shenron. And it goes even further. The name of the person's body he's taking? Yang Xiao Long. One possible transcription of Yang's name is Yáng Xiǎo Lóng, which can be roughly translated to "Little Light Dragon" or "Small Dragon of the Sun."

Huh, maybe I could throw in a few extra details to go off of this. Like, he has an ear for music. Especially string instruments, though he doesn't like J-Pop all that much...

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