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 Post subject: General Rules for Roleplaying
PostPosted: Sat Apr 05, 2014 10:25 pm 
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Roleplaying is all about socializing, telling stories with your friends, and stretching your imagination. As such, the goal of roleplaying, above all the riches, power, fame, adventure and romance, is that all players have a good time with each other. So be polite, be respectful, and above all else, have fun!


1.) Don't pretend to be any character, original or otherwise, outside of the RPG Forum. For while fun, roleplaying must stay within the RPG section, as that is why we have it in the first place. If you do RP outside this subforum please be reasonable and if you have multiple characters, stick with one and feel free to rotate them.

2.) Any game created must adhere to the general forum guidelines, and the Game Master, informally known as GM, must be respectful and try to allow anyone who wishes to play to do so. This is a community and as such, any activity should be available to anyone wishing to participate.

3.) The GM has jurisdiction over his or her RPG, including the right to appoint a co-GM a.k.a. a second in command for their RP. All rules set forth within their RPG should be respectful to all members and adhere to the general forum guidelines. Also, the members participating should adhere to the GM's rules and respect his or her decisions regarding it. It's the GM's RPG, so therefore, what they say goes (within reason).

4.) If, for any reason, you'd wish to not participate any further in an established RPG, then please contact the GM so he or she will know, and is able to fill or recast the role(s) you've taken on. If a participant is not able to contact the GM, or doesn't post regarding their role(s) within a set time, the GM has authority to recast the role(s) as he or she sees fit.

5.) If an RPG has run its course, and all participating agree that it has reached an end, then a Moderator may be contacted via PM to lock the thread. This can be done by an agreed upon member, or the GM.

6.) Please finish a RPG before starting another one. If you are currently participating in a RPG and wish to participate in another, please announce that you are officially leaving, or wait until it is finished before starting the new one. And if you can handle more than game, go ahead, but don't take on too many and stress yourself out.

7.) If your RP had sex, hentai, excessive violence, nudity, killing, etc. please put NSFW in front of it.

Please, please, please... If your RP is finished, keep rule #5 in mind so one of us can lock it and cut the clutter and inevitable confusion. If you already have finished RPs you want locked, pm me. ~Daisy

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Post new topic This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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