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 Post subject: Re: Should the Crystal story go to expand beyond Stars?
PostPosted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 9:24 am 
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I absolutely think that if Sailor Moon makes it to another iteration, a retold best-of-all-worlds sort of continuity would be best. I think using old characters would be fine, but they should strike a balance somewhere between what the Live Action show sounds like ad what the '90s anime was doing- add new ideas and utilize the characters in new ways, but unlike the live action show, make sure they look and act recognizably.

Basically, they could mix and match ideas from every version of the franchise, with a bit of study into which ones are popular (perhaps look at what people made tons of fanart about as one way of gauging).

So basically a continuity that has stuff like Phantom Ace, and the Holy Blade from Silver Millennium, and the Shitennou being Mamoru's bodyguards, and Sailor Cosmos and the Galaxy Cauldron, combined with things like Tuxedo Mask throwing roses, more appearances by Naru and Umino, some kind of new spin on the Naru/Nephrite story, Ryo Urawa, Yuuichirou, Ali and En (and Fiore), and so on.

For the most part, the '90s anime versions of side-villain/sub-boss characters should probably be referenced a bit more due to the minimalist personalities in the manga versions, but ideas from the manga about them that didn't make it in can be incorporated this time.

Like, for example, maybe Sailor Iron Mouse isn't a 'real' senshi (having a stolen star seed for her powers like in the manga), but she's still scared and kind of pushed into all this and struggling for her life and always running away in her phone booth. And maybe that eventually leads not just to her execution, but somewhere entirely new! Maybe she's getting chased by a telephones, but she has some moment when she decides to be a real hero, sort of channels the spirit of the stolen star seed she has and stands up to Galaxia somehow- or tries to give up the powers and take off the bracelets herself to put the star seed back, thinking that she has to sacrifice her life to give it back to it's rightful owner- only to find that she's gotten some her own real powers by doing so! Or who knows what else might happen.

It should avoid retelling stories blow-for-blow, in favor of reusing characters doing new things with new situations, right from the get-go- don't retell chapter 1 of the manga again. Change how Usagi meets Luna, do something besides the same Osa-P 'fake mom' takeover, etc. Maybe they could smush together Codename Sailor V into Usagi and Mamoru's introduction, so we have a bit of time where Usagi doesn't even become Sailor Moon and is just partially involved in situations Sailor V is dealing with. This leads to a situation where Usagi is scared and kind of doesn't want to help, but needs to, and maybe there's Naru there wishing she could do more and not being able to, and then that dynamic gets more and more complicated over time...

If they're going to retell stories (which might be a good idea now and then), they should pick the really beloved ones, and do them as a different take-off on it that keeps you guessing how the new version will turn out, playing with your expectations. They should also reference the live action show very deliberately with these tweaks, to keep you guessing even more and to draw on some of it's ideas.

They should make sure to do some 100% new things, or at least things that have never been in an official version. Maybe Naru really does get powers (but it's a complicated and problematic journey with a long story behind it). Maybe Haruka and Michiru actually do work things out with Usagi so well that they cooperate perfectly for some big finale, maybe the Shitennou become Mamoru's team full-time again, and Zoisite breaks down in tears when he's freed from the mind control because of his past cruelty. Maybe the Animamates and the Starlights have to team up!

You could throw in some entirely new characters, or bring in musical-only characters, or tweak old characters in crazy ways- maybe Motoki has some huge intrigue-laden subplot where he gets involved with the villains, or maybe he willingly becomes a youma to join Rikoukeidar after Reika transforms! Anything is possible.

There should also be a ton of continuity, constantly. Each episode should lead into the next, even if it's just a breather goofing around episode (and they should make sure to have some of those, just not a billion and not all lumped together at the start of each season/arc).

And each season should be twice as long as Crystal's seasons, at least. Breathing room for all this stuff going on. 26-30 episodes might be a good length, if they're 20 minutes apiece.

Also, if they're going to CG-render animation and re-use it, they should take advantage of the fact that this is CGI and rotate the camera for each subsequent reuse. Imagine seeing the same transformation sequence except it's at a different angle, for example. But more generally they should shy away from stock footage.

Attacks shouldn't be the same stale moves repeatedly, either- maybe have a clearer upgrade path for them so that each step up is clear and meaningful (maybe have practical differences between them beyond 'oh it doesn't work' 'okay now it does', like, new applications- remember how Fire Soul Bird could be steered around remotely in a way Fire Soul presumably couldn't? Have that kinda stuff be an action scene plot point), or maybe do like the manga and just throw crazy stuff out there all the time,

As teh story goes on, villain groups from separate arcs should be interacting in complicated new dynamics. Prince Diamande wants to ally with Queen Beryl in a deal to capture Usagi and Mamoru, but Saphir doesn't trust them and Nephrite is halfway to breaking out of the mind control, but then Zoisite backstabs Rubeus, and then Ali and En (who are allies by this point) find out their plan, but then...

A gradually changing intro sequence would be a cool trick; they toyed with this once or twice in the '90s anime and I think doing it a bit more, little step by step changes, would be really neat.

I think for music, they could probably just do new recordings/remixes of existing '90s anime songs, and work image songs into episode that never were. But making new image songs for all the side boss characters, like Crystal did for the Shitennou with "I'm Going Down", would be neat. But entirely new music would be okay too I suppose, if it was good. But it's probably wise to incorporate Moonlight Densetsu somehow because it's so iconic, even casual American non-fan viewers seem to frequently remember the DiC version of the song.

Also, this being the modern day... there's more than one way to do this but I think it'd be cool if they actually brought back the manga's horror visuals, and it's gruesome melty deaths rather than quite as many sparkly dust explosions. Or get the best of both worlds- some attacks cause melty deaths, but Usagi's special moves get the sparkly purity thing.

And if this ever exists, please please please explain Crystal Tokyo in this version. Have a whole story arc about how we get there, any why. And maybe show how the Golden Kingdom fell in the first place, and Beryl's backstory.

I don't know how much of this stuff could work as a Crystal continuation, but basically I think there's a lot of ways to expand the story, be it playing off past elements in new ways or adding all new elements (or preferably a mix of the two).

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