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PostPosted: Sat May 10, 2014 2:13 am 
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Forum Rules

[1] Post using common sense.

Do not start duplicate topics.
If there is a thread on a certain topic that you would like to discuss, please keep the topic to that thread instead of starting a new one.

Add to a discussion.
If you add reply to a topic, please make sure that your reply adds to a discussion; posting meaningless replies like one-word sentences ("Cool", "Agree", "Bump", etc.) or an emoticon is not allowed.

Stay on topic.
If you post in a thread, please keep the thread as close to the original post's topic as possible, and if you want to discuss a tangent either start a new thread or ask a mod or admin to split the current thread.
Note that derailing a thread with drama will merit disciplinary action.

Do not double post.
Double posting, or posting more than one time in a row in a thread in a very short timeframe (less than 24 hours), is not allowed. If you want to add something to post you just made, please edit your post rather than make a new one.

Use proper English language and formatting.
Not everyone on this forum speaks English as their first language, and that's fine! You won't get in trouble if you aren't a perfect speller or make grammatical mistakes. But at least try to communicate as best as you can. Don't type in all capital letters or in all lowercase. Don't write in 1337 or chatroom speak. Don't type entire posts in resized fonts or in different colors. Capital letters, large or small fonts, and colored text should be used only for highlighting particular words/sentences, not for entire posts.

Don't quote entire posts.
When using the quote button to reply to posts, it will give you the entire text of a post enclosed between quote tags, like this:

[ quote ] Blah blah blah Sailor Moon blah blah Moon Spiral Heart Attack blah blah[/ quote ]

Delete the text that is not relevant to the comments that you are going to make and only quote what you're directly responding to:

[ quote ] Moon Spiral Heart Attack blah blah[ /quote ]

Provide descriptive titles on new threads.
Subject lines should be related to the thread's content and giving an idea on what they are about. If, for instance, you want to post a YouTube AMV you made, giving your new thread title like "Sailor Moon/CCS AMV at YouTube" is definitely better than something like "Check this out!", "LOL", and so on.

[2] Post appropriately and with good manners.

Respect other users.
While there may be disagreements on a subject, or personal dislike between people, everyone should be respectful of another's thoughts and views.
"Calling people out" in public threads is not allowed. Take your disagreements to private PM; insulting another member publicly and starting drama is not acceptable.

Respect the forum administrators and moderators.
If a mod or admin tells you something, do it. Insulting or backtalking a mod for telling you to follow the forum rules is not acceptable and will result in disciplinary action.

Use respectful language.
There are topics and jokes out there that might be appropriate while you're with your friends, but do not belong here. Please refrain from making racist, homophobic, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory comments, and do not joke about rape, violence, or other serious subjects.

Do not swear.
Using bad language (including bad language with letters replaced by asterisks, dots, or any other symbols) is not allowed.

No politics or religion.
Discussions related to politics or religion are not allowed UNLESS they are kept completely within the context of the show. For instance, if you want to talk about Shinto shrines in the context of Rei's character, or the fact that her father was a politician, that's acceptable. If you want to talk about anything involving real-world politics or the religious beliefs you or another poster hold, that is NOT acceptable.

Keep the main forums clean.
All posts in any of the main Sailor Moon related discussion forums must be safe for all ages to read - no NSFW images, no sexual jokes or references, nothing. There is more leeway given in Genvid Lounge and Off-Topic, but any threads with NSFW content in those two forums should be marked as such in the subject line. No hentai.

[3] Abide by these posting guidelines.

Forum members are not moderators.
Unless you are an official moderator, please do not act as one and comment that a topic should be deleted, that another user should be banned, etc. If you believe that some other forum member is acting against forum rules, please use the "report" button or send a private message to forum administration.

Use the "flag post" button appropriately.
Flag and report posts/threads to mods ONLY as appropriate for specific rule breaking. Don't just flag posts for fun, flag your own posts, or flag posts based solely on vendettas against other users.

Do not feed the trolls.
Responding to troll posts (especially those from banned members using duplicate accounts) will not be tolerated. It only encourages the troll to continue posting for attention and to get a reaction. If you aren't sure a post is a troll post...don't post in the thread at all to be safe.

One person gets one forum account.
Registering more than one account or giving somebody access to your account (by telling them your password) is not allowed.
HOWEVER. If you have a good reason (such as needing to avoid harassment or an ability to access an old account because it has an old email address on it) you can ask the forum administrators for permission to register a second account and have your old account deactivated.

Other Guidelines

[1] Maximum avatar dimensions are 150x150 pixels. Maximum avatar size is 100 KB. Maximum signature image dimensions are 450 pixels (width) x 150 pixels (height). Maximum signature image size is 100 KB. If you have several signature images, their total dimensions and size (calculated as a sum) should not exceed limitations for a single image. Please do not set bigger ones. Do not add embedded videos in signatures.

[2] Introductions should be posted in the "Introductions thread" in the Off-Topic subforum.

[3] Hotlinking (direct linking) of images from websites is not allowed. If you want to post an image using img tags, or include an image as your avatar/signature, please make sure this image is located on your own website, a site that allows linking like Tumblr or Twitter, or on some image hosting server like Imgur or Photobucket. If you want to post an image you found on someone else's website, please upload it to a free image hosting websites and link it from there.

[4] If you want to post someone's fanart, you must provide a link to the artist's gallery/tumblr/website where it was originally posted. Do not simply post it without comment. Artists deserve credit for the work they produce, so give it to them. If you cannot provide a link, then do not post the image.
(Please note that sites that simply repost fanart, like weheartit, zerochan, most of tumblr, etc, do not count as sources. Only the artist's actual site is a source.)

[5] Forum accounts, threads, and separate posts cannot and will not be deleted on request. Threads dealing with something closely related to their authors (such as a thread with one's artwork) can be locked or sent to the Cauldron on request of the author, if necessary, but in any other case threads and forum accounts are not "owned" by their creators and cannot be deleted or locked on request. If you don't want to participate in some thread or the forums in general, just move on to some other thread or stop visiting the forums, respectively. Also, please do not delete the contents of a post and leave it blank, as that disrupts the flow of threads.

[6] If you want a different username, there is a thread in Announcements where you can post a request for one of the administrators to change it for you. However, you cannot request a change less than a month after your last one, and each user can only make a total of 5 username change requests, so think about it seriously before doing so.

[7] Please do not provide links to sites where people can illegally download or stream the series. In the past the admins sometimes looked the other way on that kind of thing, but now that there are official releases it will not be allowed.


- Any poster who is caught breaking a forum rule will be issued a warning. The warning is a notice to the user of what they did and where, nothing more. Warnings are simply logged for documentation, so other forum administrators can watch for patterns of behavior.

- Posters who accrue multiple warnings for the same thing will be subject to disciplinary measures depending on the nature of the offense. These measures could include the removal of access to a particular subforum for a certain amount of time, a "red tag" on their account, or whatever else is deemed necessary. Bans will only be issued in extreme circumstances to posters who are repeatedly disruptive and disrespectful, or interfere with the normal operation of the forum.

(Last updated 9/9/2015 by KnM to clarify the rule about deleting posts.)

PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 5:19 am 
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I deleted the rule disallowing "forum games", since it wasn't enforced since many years ago. Now we have a whole subforum for time-killing forum games, so having a rule banning that kind of activity doesn't make any sense.

Deleted rule:
Spoiler: show
Forum "games" are not allowed.
So-called "forum games" ("count to 1,000", "word associations", "last letter game" etc.), targeted at killing one's time and not requiring any creativity or work of thought, are not allowed. Sailor Moon-related games (e.g., Sailor Moon shiritori), as long as they are creative, and Sailor Moon-related role-playing, are allowed.


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