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    That would be horrendous. D: I hope to see more outer/starlight artwork. But that's me, an overly hopeful person.
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    What are you gonna miss about DIC when the Redub Happens

    I agree. Until I actually have confirmation, I don't really want to think about it.
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    If each Senshi had a Duel Monster...

    I think they are referring to Yu-Gi-Oh cards honestly. Duel Masters is horrid and horrid. Magic is epic. Duel Monsters are Yugioh, if I'm remembering things from my childhood correctly. And now for my take Give Mars the Flame Swordsman And give Pluto the Thousand Eyes Restrict used by...
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    mistake in Vol.2 of the manga

    The techie in me loves you to death right now.
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    Growing fear about the upcoming anime

    I'm not too worried, I mean, sure there is the fear that it will become like Squid Girl and etc, but personally, I want it to look like THIS It's not too cutesy, it still looks like the original, while being updated. Personally, I'm way more worried about the theme song... I hate Momoiro...
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    Should Naoko ask her husband for advice on the fights?

    Exactly! I don't want it to go completely shonen and make it a bloodfest like Berserk or Hakushou. A magical girl anime fighting scenes should be elegant yet awesome, like heartcatch! I don't want to see Sailor Moon become something its not, a Shonen Fighter anime. Thats just my opinion however...
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    Who is your favorite Ayakashi Sister?

    I liked Calveras and Cooan equally. They were both so bad ass to me. I loved the whip she carried too. *_* I also loved how they were designed with a 90s runway fashion style. (I'm a fashion student, so I love all that jazz.)
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    Should Naoko ask her husband for advice on the fights?

    I would much rather prefer a fighting style closer to Heartcatch! Precure. It was epic. Maybe the new anime could incorporate just a tiny bit of blood this time. Nothing to gorefest or anything, just for a change for a more mature audience. I don't know, It's just me.
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    mistake in Vol.2 of the manga

    Ah, the grammar of the English Language, riveting, riveting literature. sarcasm It is both correct and incorrect in my eyes, but the way the grammar is in these re-translations are all horrendous. As stated above, the four generals is more accurate, but it's to be expected that it is written...
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    Sailor Moon Bootleg Toys I have the one on the end, the one that actually looks like it could be real...not the god awful one in the middle that looks like a 10 year old with onset blindness painted and sculpted it. I actually have this clock. XD I found it...
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    Who has the best fuku?

    I personally enjoyed Super Sailor Moon. It's my favorite form of her. I also love Sailor Cosmos... But, in my opinion, I'll go with Sailor Kakyuu... her fuku was so...amazing. *_*
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    I'm Starting To Think Toei Has No Originality... -_-;;

    Okay, remember when I posted the pic of the Precure/Galaxia comparison...well. They did it again.. I really need to stop going to the Precure LJ It's a conspiracy...
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    Korean Dub Fun! (Picture Heavy)

    It looks like they used MSPaint to edit everything...clever... -_-;; Now I know why the Japanese and Korean students never got along at my boarding school.... the Japanese student Sho Shinoya, hit the Korean student, Han Myung Sung over the head with a microwave plate (a glass one, mind you)...
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    Precure vs Sailor Moon

    Sailor Moon is superior...but the Precure franchise is so popular... I doubt they want to invest their money into a show that's basically the same.
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    Precure vs Sailor Moon

    Oh, I know. Toei has been notorious for that for years. I just wanted to share my rage with you all. Precure will be the series that stops a Sailor Moon Remake...