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    Otakon! Who's all coming!

    I will be at otakon
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    Your Discarded Fanfic Ideas

    O.O really? I was scared it wouldn't make sense to people.
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    Sailor Pluto/Setsuna?

    Yes Setsuna is one of my favorite sailor senshi I try top use her in all the sailor moons fanfics that i write.
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    Create Crazy SM Rumours here

    Well I'll Give this a try. Luna is not scared of dogs, the dogs are scared of her
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    Your Discarded Fanfic Ideas

    I did give up on one its based around Sailor starts when Usagi beat Galaxia and she left to guide the star seeds. Usagi said she was all alone. I though what if they didn't appear like they did. What if due to her deep depression Usagi seal her self away engulf in her pain and despair that...
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    Crossovers that make you cringe

    Sailor moon/Harry Potter I don't like. As for Sailor moon/Dragon Ball Z i cant say anything bad about it cause i wrote one.