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    Sailor Mars Power-up sprite

    Wow! Excellent work. I like you...
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    A Sailor Luna Sprite

    Wow! I love it.
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    Fan Sailor Soldier edit

    Nice! You did a really good job! Must have taken ages to do! :)
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    Princess Neptune Fanart

    Yeah, true. :D Most of my pictures are made from doodles you see. :)
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    Sailor Saturn Wallpaper

    I love it! You did a really good job!
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    My friend's Hotaru Fanart

    Adorable! I love it! :)
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    Fanart: Ono Hikari

    Gorgeous! You get a deviantwatch from me!
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    Princess Serenity: Now with More Blood (AKA: Blood!!!)

    Very authentic looking. :wink:
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    Super Sailormoon Wallpaper

    I would've gotten rid of the blue background around the Sailor Moons and the created a nice backgrond instead of the black. Also with the Sailor Moon with the Rainbow Moon Heart Ache attack coming out of her wand, how it 'ends' on the right hand side looks out of place. But still, it's very...
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    Princess Neptune Fanart

    I know what you mean. (About the body and proportions). I'm trying to get better at that kinda stuff. Really I am. :) And I just realised how terrible the hands are. Ugh... I knew that they were bad but.... Oh well. :D
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    Sailor Moon stock footage revealed

    Fascinating. I would never have placed that - because I don't remember a single thing about power rangers.
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    Princess Neptune Fanart

    One day I felt like drawing Michiru. The pose was taken from a Yu-Gi-Oh card! *hugs Magician of Faith* I think it looks a bit weird, but feh... There's probably lots of mistakes too. :cry: Also it's in my own style, which I have since updated. It's my...
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    Fanart Dedicated to Suburban Senshi IRC, WOOT!

    Whaa! It's not showing up for me!
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    My First Fanart

    Heehee. When I was 7 i drew a lot worse than that, but I could spell Sailor. ;) They're so adorable! :D
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    Fanart ^^;;

    Cool! That's REALLY good for a first try. Keep it up! :)