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  1. Sakuranbo

    Celebrating SM Birthdays!

    Happy Birthday to Hotaru! :hotaru: (I know this post is late, but I still want to say Happy Birthday to her.)
  2. Sakuranbo

    Favourite English voice for Queen Serenity?

    My favorite English voices for Queen Serenity are Wendee Lee and Wendy Lyon because they both did a very amazing job voicing her, plus both of their voices fit Queen Serenity's character very well too.
  3. Sakuranbo

    Sailor Moon in Tanoshii Youchien

    Yeah me too. :happy:
  4. Sakuranbo

    Which "incomplete" adaptations would you like to see get completed?

    The Sailor Moon adaptations that I would love to see completed are PGSM, the all-color manga, and the Sailor Moon Optimum dub.
  5. Sakuranbo

    Sailor Moon in Tanoshii Youchien

    Yeah that is true since Crystal is aimed towards women in their 20s and 30s who grew up reading the manga and watching the 90s anime. As for seeing a Crystal comic in a woman's magazine, I can see that being a thing and that it would give a lot of nostalgia to the women who read the 90s anime...
  6. Sakuranbo

    Sailor Moon in Tanoshii Youchien

    That would've been very interesting if there were Crystal comics being made, but I'm guessing that there aren't any since the 90s anime is still more popular than Crystal.
  7. Sakuranbo

    Sailor Moon in Tanoshii Youchien

    Yeah it would be nice if the comics are able to be reprinted and get translated into other languages, but like you said it's not going to happen and the only Sailor Moon related book that ever got reprinted is the manga series.
  8. Sakuranbo

    Sailor Moon in Tanoshii Youchien

    Yeah that's true since younger people prefer modern art designs now for both anime and manga instead of the older art designs from the 90s, 80s, and before.
  9. Sakuranbo

    Sailor Moon in Tanoshii Youchien

    It would be amazing for these Sailor Moon comics to be re-released one day since they're about the 90s anime and they have good storylines too, plus the artwork is very cute and I love it.
  10. Sakuranbo

    Favorite Sailor Senshi?

    My favorite Sailor Senshi is Rei Hino/Sailor Mars because I have a lot of things in common with her and I can relate to her too.
  11. Sakuranbo

    Happy New Year everyone!

    Happy New Year everyone!
  12. Sakuranbo

    They don't looks bad at all...

    Rei and Hotaru's live action portrayals are my favorites, plus they both look a lot like their anime/manga counterparts too.
  13. Sakuranbo

    @Rika-Chicchi Thank you and happy early New Year to you too!

    @Rika-Chicchi Thank you and happy early New Year to you too!
  14. Sakuranbo

    What's your rarepair?

    Yuichiro and Makoto because they would make a very amazing couple. I know Yuichiro loves Rei, but I think that he would also like Makoto as well since Makoto would be a lot more sympathetic towards Yuichiro and that she would love to be with him too.