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  • After seeing a clip mentioning it's forbidden to wear pig tails in high school, is the popularity of Ami/Mercury justified because she has short hair and constantly showing her neck? Or is it the same trope of shy naïve teen is a freak in the sheets?
    Food for thought.
    Onuzim Ima
    Onuzim Ima
    *nom nom delicious food* Well, we don't know exactly what she REALLY does in her spare time (apart from the obvious, of course) and, frankly, I don't want to know either. ;-3
    So, I have two meetings to go in dealing with my addictions. I got my copy of Grow: Song of The EverTree today.

    April, will preorder 2 more games and wait for my Neptunia X Sergen game in April on Video Games Plus.
    So I finally beat Cynthia in Brilliant Diamond, something I couldn't do in the DS game. Now I just need to head to Iron Island to at least finish my pokedex of Sinnoh. Also got my first Shiny Hack from Global Wonder Trade. Gonna do that tonight.
    My copy of The Caligula 2 Effect didn't come with a game cartridge. So it's a waiting game with them. I am also tempted in getting Pokemon Arceus due to the insane shiny rate.
    Also found an local international snack store. They had a bunch of canned Bubble Tea and edible bugs. Bit pricey though.
    Onuzim Ima
    Onuzim Ima
    Hmmmm… Don't wanna speak of the Devil but if someone was selling you a (used?) Videogame and only the Shelve arrives and no Cassette, you may very well just've been scammed. ^_^
    Onuzim Ima, I got my refund. It was sealed while I got it. And I bought another copy off eBay. It came up to 51$CAD. Much tempt to buy Arceus though.
    So I just found out I had acquired enough points to renew my Edge card membership again. So I bought two 40$CAD games in the store. One of them is coming out on the 22nd of March. So bought 7 games in total today.
    Canceled my manga order. Next month, going do cleaning shopping and renew my Edge card membership at GameStop.
    Also did groceries.
    Still no word of my copy of My Dress Up Darling. Then found a rash on my left arm. Finally played Puzzle and Dragons for the Switch. The gatcha part of it is to buy more avatars stuff from different dragon pulls. Ranging from 5$CAD to 12$CAD. I bought Shing off the eShop cause it was 5$CAD.
    I saved up some money and hoping to get groceries this week. Also bought a microphone off eBay for 10$CAD.
    Still waiting for my copy of My Dress Up Darling and the Bestiary book for My Little Pony RPG off Amazon. Got my BlendJet 2 and I just preordered Puzzle and Dragons for the Nintendo Switch. It comes out tomorrow. I'm still doing my Dialga Shiny hunt in Brilliant Diamond tonight. I also picked up Skyward Sword HD too.
    I'm hoping to get Pokemon Arceus used. March, I'm buying three games for my Switch.
    [BLEEP] my shopping addiction. I bought a BlendJet to replace my blender. Would buy stuff for smoothies later this week. Still no word of my copy of My Dress Up Darling manga.
    Done my Amazon stuff. Got the last My Little Pony RPG book and another game case with the money my dad gave me for my glasses I bought. Still waiting for my copy of My Dress Up Darling. Then in two weeks, buy my copy of Vol. 3 of The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again.
    There are renovations happening at my place this upcoming week. Will do laundry tomorrow and play more Nexomon.
    So got My Little Pony RPG Guidebooks today. I might need to purchase one more book based on monsters. They have it on eBay for 51$CAD and 18$CAD to ship. But it's also on Amazon for 25$USD and 13$USD to ship.
    Also Mike got me more Valentine's Day stuff.
    So waiting for a video game, game case, pokemon cookbook, volume 1 of My Dress Up Darling, My Little Pony RPG books, and Valentine's Day gifts in the mail. Been slowly playing Twisted Wonderland on my tablet. I have a terrible shopping addiction. Just bought myself a heart shaped doughnut plush at the pharmacy and picked up another game on sale off the eShop. I need help.
    Still no game case. My cookbook, keyboard/mouse set, and copy of Maglam Lord are coming on this Friday. Just had coffee in my JigglyPuff Tumbler. Also picked up manga today. Came up to 76$CAD.
    After my blood test, might look for a scale in Pharmaprix.
    So I hooked PayPal to my Nintendo account. Bought Duel Princess and Deadlet in Wonder Labyrinth off the eShop. Looking for a bigger Micro SD card next month once I pay off my three monthly expenses in February. I am a dangerous Shopaholic/oniomania these days.
    Next week, I will be getting my hands on Asterix comics to read. I hadn't read them since I was a tween.
    Also might get a new tablet in February. One that'll be only for my drawings and Kobo eBooks.
    Also been playing Twisted Wonderland.
    So bought three games in the eShop sale, my item from eBay left China yesterday, no word of my anime BluRays to be shipped, and my glasses are still being made.
    Also picked up a Blutooth headset off Amazon and waiting for my gifts from my US friends. I picked up a Shaymin plush today.
    I just had a rough night with my anniversary of my mom's death due to cancer. So I picked up another game off VGP and bought Blutooth Headphones off Amazon.
    HDMI cable came today and my Blu Ray player works. Just need to wait for 2 games, 2 glasses, and a sh*ton of Anime BluRays I got off Sentai Filmworks.
    So my resolution is to eat healthy by buying Yves Veggie Cuisine. I made 4 wraps with one package. I also got unsweetened Almond Milk and flatbread pizza.
    My Blu Ray player came today. Now awaiting for the HDMI cable.
    Other things I'm waiting in the mail next week? Two Switch games, anime Blu Rays I bought, two pairs of glasses, and Sailor Moon game case.
    Also picked up Saints Row IV for 4$CAD yesterday.
    Had bought my first game from VideoGamePlus, Nexomon Extinction. It came up to 34$CAD.
    I decided not to buy the Cutie Honey Blu Ray set because I found out, customs will be reviewing each purchase from SentaiFilmworks and I just don't want to be seen as a predator. But with all the other Blu rays I want, it's 78$USD. Not bad.
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