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  • DM me if you’re heading to Otakuthon on Friday. I got Monday and Tuesday off due to construction holiday. Bringing my Comic Con Cosplay Eevee to the con for comfort.
    Also looking for an Elise nenodroid. If I don’t spend 200$ at the con, I may buy myself a Samsung tablet at the end of the month.
    So I may get my cheque and my con badge next week. Anyone heading to Otakuthon up here, DM me. I’m also trying to look for Fire Emblem charm dealers and a Shiny Mega Rayquaza plush. Though, I am worried that the con will crack down on Chinese knockoff plushies. Then again, our Chinatown is like across the street at where the con will be at.
    Picked up Runbow Pocket and the DLC codes don’t work. So awaiting email from Nighthawk Interactive. Should had bought the 3DS Tetris game from UbiSoft instead.
    Played two more chapters of BirthRight. Garon is such an ass. Also unlocked all the characters in BloodStained: Curse of the Moon.
    Better 8bit game than Shovel Knight.
    So got my package today. Came with official Pokémon DS games that came from U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Singapore version.
    Hi. I just spend 90$USD on Fire Emblem Fates charms on Store Envy. One from Indonesia, one from Michigan, and another one from Alberta.

    I have a shopping addiction.
    I picked up BloodStained: Curse of The Moon and the last Witch & Hero game. I also found a charms site that takes PayPal. Leaving my laptop on so I can transfer funds in the wee hours of the morning. Been invited to a lunch in.
    Stop my ideal of cosplaying Lupin Yellow due to the fact I’m 250 pounds and look terrible in spandex.
    So Pokemon TCG Online wants me to build a Yveltal GX Deck since in the virtual packs, I pulled out a rainbow rare Yveltal GX.
    So played Echoes. Felt guilty of having Faye die three times, hence restarting the 3DS, despite playing Casual mode.
    No TCG. But I did pick up a copy of Pokémon Y and it works on my New 3DS XL. Still need to try out Waku Waku Sweets.
    I finally bite the bullet and bought 4 Max Elixirs for my Physic Deck. Also paid my fiance for the Fire Emblem comics and Radiant Historia. I'm gonna to try out the deck on Saturday.
    So Forbidden Light? Got Yveltal GX, Ultra Necrozma GX, and Nagandel GX. Also got Inkay and Malamar for my psychic deck. Looking to go to a card shop to buy full art Mars and Lysandre’s Trap Card.
    So normally I buy doujinshi off eBay and conventions. But thanks to Mandrake, I can get my fix of doujinshi, yaoi or hentai, for way less than I expected. My fiancé likes that site for his Rider fix.
    Love my fiancé. He’s getting me Fire Emblem Fates comics off a site since they’re 300¥ to 400¥. Which is cheaper than average manga here. Sucks that Fates was handled so poorly so we don’t have these comics. Most western Fire Emblem stuff is based on Awakening. So I bought the artbook in Indigo.
    I wanted to get the game Waku Waku Sweets. But wait till it goes on sale since getting it for 33$CDN is not worth it.
    Finally got the Season Pass for Echoes. After taxes, it was 74$CDN. I also picked out a 3DS theme. Won't get the rest of Megaman X, due to the whole series coming to the Switch on my birthday.

    I got a lot of games in my backlog.
    So I found a place up here that sells Kamen Rider stuff. Now my fiancé wants to go there.
    After a few days and buying a new Micro SD card, I now upgraded my New 3DS. Now I can buy my Echoes Season Pass with eshop cards. After playing a bit of Warriors, I think I may pair Robin with Frederick in my restart of Awakening.
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