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  • So normally I buy doujinshi off eBay and conventions. But thanks to Mandrake, I can get my fix of doujinshi, yaoi or hentai, for way less than I expected. My fiancé likes that site for his Rider fix.
    Love my fiancé. He’s getting me Fire Emblem Fates comics off a site since they’re 300¥ to 400¥. Which is cheaper than average manga here. Sucks that Fates was handled so poorly so we don’t have these comics. Most western Fire Emblem stuff is based on Awakening. So I bought the artbook in Indigo.
    I wanted to get the game Waku Waku Sweets. But wait till it goes on sale since getting it for 33$CDN is not worth it.
    Finally got the Season Pass for Echoes. After taxes, it was 74$CDN. I also picked out a 3DS theme. Won't get the rest of Megaman X, due to the whole series coming to the Switch on my birthday.

    I got a lot of games in my backlog.
    So I found a place up here that sells Kamen Rider stuff. Now my fiancé wants to go there.
    After a few days and buying a new Micro SD card, I now upgraded my New 3DS. Now I can buy my Echoes Season Pass with eshop cards. After playing a bit of Warriors, I think I may pair Robin with Frederick in my restart of Awakening.
    I finished reading another Vampire Hunter D novel I got at Ollie's. Now Vol 16 is left to read. I got a backlog of games to play. Awaiting till I get my Cosmog and Squishable plush after Easter.
    I'm debating to buy Pokemon Y. I still had not defeated Team Rocket in Ultra Sun and I got the Virtual Console version of Pokemon Silver since I only got hooked to Pokemon via the DS games.
    I'm also cat sitting for a friend this weekend.
    And my aunt's father passed away so I'll be celebrating Easter in a funeral home. Lovely.
    And Best Buy doesn't have Puyo Puyo Tetris for the Switch due to the idiotic language laws. Thanks Pauline. -_-
    Debating to watch the newest episode of LupinRanger, reading, or do some gaming.

    After Easter at my sister's, I may look into getting a Switch with the extra money I'll be getting next month. Games on my list are Puyo Puyo Tetris, Bayonetta 2, and Splatoon 2.
    So derped a little while playing Fire Emblem Warriors. I had to get the update for said game on the 3DS in order to access buying DLC. I even got the Japenese voices too.
    Super Smash Bros for the Switch cause they'll add Inklings to their roster. I feel jipped.
    Watching the Nintendo Direct on YouTube. Hoping that in April, I might get myself a Nintendo Switch.
    Can we at least get Puyo Puyo Chronicles in the US?
    Found out cousin is getting married next year. I still need to go to the consulate with Mikey in hopes to do actual work.
    I want a Cosmog plushie from the Pokemon center. I'm just waiting for my rent to be paid off.
    Still might get a Switch, for my birthday. Need to talk to someone in making a special cake for my party in July.
    Found ring. Also found a manga class in Japan. I’m glad I didn’t lost it.
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