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  • 10 hours into Bloodstained Ritual of the Night and I can do the endgame. Or do some crazy [BLEEP] to get the best ending.
    Reflector Ray shard is a ***** to master.
    **** You. Yes, I'm fat. Yes I need losing weight. But don't you dare post your spam in my PM box, *******. I already fell for scams before. Don't piss me off.
    Got Bloodstained Ritual of The Night early, bought Gal Metal at a con, got the Funko Pops I wanted, found purses for 14$CDN for both, and now I'm cooling off with my new water bottle.
    So Bloodstained will come on the same day I see my social worker. Will go out to challenge gym leaders in the Montreal Pokémon League. Just need to win two badges. Also picked up Reshiram and Charizard Tag Team GX for 20$CDN cause I pulled out a rare full art worth 50$CDN.
    Also friend is taking me to Comic Con. So happy. Had a rough week. Still waiting to purchase Dream Daddy on the eShop.
    And my dress came. Still waiting for my copy of Bloodstained Ritual of the Night for the Switch. Apparently there's a glitch in the game that forces players to restart all over again. Also need a purse since my black one fell apart.
    So just got back from weddings. Cat sitting a kitty. First time I see him run around the house. Did fanart of the newest pokemon gym leader. My art sucks.
    So I got my artbook. Almost got lost going through the underground network trying to find FedEx tracking in Montreal. Cost up to 100$CDN after paying shipping and tariffs. See video of it in my YingGirl thread.
    So bought Smash for 69$CDN because it lacked French description and could not be sold new. Also waiting for two things in the mail next week.
    Waiting to hear from people if anyone bought stuff from Best Buy online stuff. I can get the game asap from EBGames, but I need to save money. Hence the BestBuy option.
    Getting Otakuthon badge Wednesday morning. Save 15$ by purchasing it in May. Then buy The Caligula Effect Overdose off BestBuy. Looking to find the artbook of Bayonetta 2, Devil May Cry 5, or anything Sailor Moon related. Last year, I picked up a merchandise guidebook for their 25th anniversary from them and a rare Squishable.
    I got my copy of FFX FFX-2 HD Remastered and my 128 GB card.
    Picking up The Caligula Effect Overdose off PlayAsia cause I has a coupon for 5$ off. Waiting for my Fates Artbook to come in May.
    No word on that Harujuki chocker yet.
    Fiancé didn't shut up of The Rising of the Shield Hero, hence I got my first light novel version for 20$CDN. Hope it's good.
    So one of the items I ordered from Amazon came with a mismatch cover for Darksiders WarMastered Edition for the Switch, which because of the rarity, they're 100$USD off eBay.

    Now awaiting for my Micro SD card to come and FFX FFX-2 HD Remastered too.
    The Fates artbook will come in May.
    My Alice outfit might come in tomorrow. I hope it fits me cause I want to wear it for Otakuthon in August. Also, might go buy a tea tumblr so I can drink my three cans of David's Tea on the go. I have hibiscus, raspberry mojito, and mango and coconut.
    Yes, I know I'm bloody fat. I don't need typical spam posts for loosing weight in my Sailor Moon forums. This is like the 3rd time I seen these posts.
    Are the spambots following you here? j/k
    Onuzim Ima
    Onuzim Ima
    I never quite understood why some people/bots just register in a forum for advertising and selling their junk. Reading about hemmorhoid cream in a topic that's about drawing styles or whatever sucks. Don't we have any filter software or so?
    So got email confirmation my Asian version of Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD Remastered for the Switch has shipped. Hoping to get it the end of the month, along with Darksiders.
    So life update. Bought hangers for 6 dresses I got from my Irish Aunt, saved some money, will get three Switch games in the mail (SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy, Final Fantasy X and X-2, & Darksiders WarMastered Edition) and I'm now a proud owner of a Alice dress I bought off Yandy. The only negative feedback I got off Yandy is they have stereotype Native American costumes on their site. So only paid 47$CDN for it.
    So someone on eBay was selling SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy for the Switch for 40$USD and free shipping. I got that game, and saved 20$CDN.
    Also picked up Fire Emblem iF Visual Artbook off PlayAsia.
    So reading Perfect Blue on my tablet. I notice the character is named Mina and was seen as an innocent idol who's going for sexy photoshoot to increase her popularity. Also has a crazy fan who wants to see stay pure. So even though Minako is trying to become an idol, there are cautionary tales of folks obsessed with her.
    Wasn't she Mima, or this is just the film?
    Yeah, it's Mina. I must have mistaken it. Still chilling, I'm up to 79% read on my Kobo app.
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