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  1. dreamcastegirl

    Sailor Moon - Earth 2 (and other artwork)

    I really like your work on this. I mean, I like anything that is a callback to the Silver Age, so the title of this project made me smile, but I really look the whole aesthetic you have gone for with this and commend the effort you've obviously put in! These portraits and covers are just really...
  2. dreamcastegirl

    What Sailor Moon can learn from the MMPR live action movie's failure

    I also like the Toei live action show a lot, so I don't disagree that there's a lot of great dynamics, but again, every iteration of a story is bound to be someone's favourite, so even if an adaptation hit closer to the dynamics that seem to have displeased you about the PR 2017 movie, I still...
  3. dreamcastegirl

    Do you think villains got redeemed too much sometimes?

    Granted, I am always down for a "Redemption Arc," so I'm slightly biased here, but one of the things that impressed me about the final plays of the Second Stage musicals is the manner in which Beryl's motivations and feelings are explored. I really, really like the way in which she is treated in...
  4. dreamcastegirl

    What was your first exposure to Sailor Moon?

    Seeing gacha figures of Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter and a poster in a girl's room that her dad had got in Chinatown, and just absolutely falling in love with the character designs. :minako::mako:
  5. dreamcastegirl

    What Sailor Moon can learn from the MMPR live action movie's failure

    I always appreciate these kind of posts that take their time and consider all the points, even if I differ in opinion. I feel I was probably as surprised as anyone to find that I quite liked the Power Rangers 2017 movie, save for the messy CGI business at the end. Possibly part of this is...
  6. dreamcastegirl

    Sailor Moon Fan Musicals

    Oh my gosh, this is wonderful! I had no idea such productions existed, but I love the fact that they do! I'm watching one of Yume Musical's productions as we speak, and it is an actual delight, I'm so happy that this stuff exists! :setsuna:
  7. dreamcastegirl

    Favored Version and Why?

    I have more of a soft spot for the DiC dub/MiXX translation that I thought I would ever have now that I am older. I guess it's that magic nostalgia at work. Although I've been a fan of these stories since adolescence, it was only over the past few years that I really had a chance to sit down...