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    Does anyone know anything about Jill Frappier?

    WHOA that's her?? I love her voice, it's so nice.. I would have never of guessed.. My mom brought me to the CNE for that Sailor Moon show, I still remember it, it sucked. The costumes were horrible, the coolest thing about it was seeing all the Japanese kids with their Japanese Sailormoon...
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    PGSM mag feature update

    One of my favourite pictures was the one they posted on the Toei site of Princess Serenity and Endymion side by side and smiling in the desert, it was one of the only pictures I specifically thought to myself "I need to save that" and saved to my hard drive. It's so nice. I'm sure most people...
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    Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu Opinions

    I thought I detected an accent but I really wasn't sure.. Thanks for the info takaj! I went to your site first to try and find out but couldn't find out for sure. You're my myu reference!
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    Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu Opinions

    Takaj, is Erika half-Japanese, half something else? The URL doesn't have any info in English, you wouldn't happen to know, would you?
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    Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu Opinions

    I was surprised at how little I saw of the Outers, especially Akiko, and I was looking for her especially just for takaj. The girl who plays Hotaru is really cute.. Which is the song where they all introduce themselves? I like how Saturn sings "Sailor Satuuurn"
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    Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu Opinions

    I watched the subbed "Making of" the other day, and I'm pretty well a virgin for myu, I've only seen the Kakyuu one (with the amazing opera singing Kakyuu). Who is Erika, who plays Venus? She looks foreign almost, out of costume she's really really pretty, very striking. I've tried looking up...
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    Translation(s) Needed...

    As soon as I saw this I flashed back to last semester biology, a loci is the position in a chromosome of a particular gene or allele. Go me and remembering bio!! But it's probably no help anyways.
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    Three Mysterious Senshi...?

    I'm of course voting for the Outer senshi, that was the very first thing I thought of when I read it. And plus it'd be really cool. Anyways, it's not coming out for such a long while, OBVIOUSLY they must be casting for the best Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna they can find. I just don't know how...
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    Happy Birthday Makoto!

    Makes sense, considering Alycia's in Australia. I bet she has a nice accent.
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    Miyuu's "KISS"

    I think in Japanese biz slang, off shots are like behind the scenes, bloopers kinda thing? Maybe?
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    Special Act preview!!!

    Nobody is going to make a crack about how U&M loves surprises? That's what came to mind as I forced myself to read her(?) post.
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    Post cool fanart other than your own

    *gasp* Antie, are you running out of Hotaru pictures to post? I've seen you post this one before! Oh nooo
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    Kirameki Fan Awards

    That one fan art of Sailor VenusXSailor Mars, they look really sweaty... And Venus's hand is pretty high up on Mars' thigh, is it not?
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    mina & rei... haircolour hotties

    Cheryl was AWESOME, so much cooler than Betty and Veronica! Leave it to fry to do all this work for this post.
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    Holy Crap!!!!!!(Warning Possible Spoilers)

    Wow Usagi's dress is really nice! And I guess at the top left hand corner, that's info about the photobook right? Any translators?
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    Holy Crap!!!!!!(Warning Possible Spoilers)

    Whoa that Transformer guy is cool!! ..That's why he posted this picture here, right? To show us the Transformer? Right? The guys are the top look like Lord Zed from Power Rangers.
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    If you already miss him...

    I just had, like, three spontaneous orgasms. Thank you Parvus.
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    Final Act Opinions

    It was a great act and a good ending, even though I would have liked to see more of Nephrite and Motoki-kun.. My comment is that the little blurb about the next show (Ultraman Nexus?) seemed really cool!! I wonder if Tv-N will do it!
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    Alisa Durbrow "Japandering" McDonalds

    That's really creepy. Also, I remember seeing a photobook for sale that had all the different uniforms of different companies, and McDonald's was in there and the uniforms were really nice! I think in Japan, the whole looking nice at work thing is a lot bigger.
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    Fandom memories redux

    When I was.. 12, I guess, it must have been 1995, my chore was washing the dishes, and I never did it cause I was lazy. Anyways my mom grounded me from watching the DiC Sailor Moon for a month.. Such a low blow. I remember being so upset and trying to sneak in and watch it after school before my...