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    The Families of the Outers

    I guess I'd never considered the "transmigrated into the current era" thing. I don't know how I feel about it lol. However, they seemed to be really well established in this, music career, going to college, and all that. It just seems like there's a past there that could be fun to...
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    The Families of the Outers

    We receive no info at all about the families of Haruka and Michiru. It's not a stretch to imagine that they are only children, but even that is a guess. It's easy to assume they are from wealthy backgrounds, but they became famous early in life and could have gained money that way. In the...
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    How did Kaolinite survive her fall from the Tokyo Tower?

    It was glass and she broke upon impact. That's what she threatened to do to Tuxedo Mask, shatter him. Whether it's a new body or the Professor regenerated her original...I can't say
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    Your Sailor Moon Headcanons.

    That makes at least some sense. It's not a bad theory
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    One hit wonder SM characters. What would you do with them?

    Well, that and her best friends in the entire world are here
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    One hit wonder SM characters. What would you do with them?

    I 100% agree. Maybe they did have a relationship but were smart enough to hide it from Ami's spies...I mean friends.
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    One hit wonder SM characters. What would you do with them?

    I've thought about extending the other Witches time and here are some of my thoughts. I imagine Tellu being similar to Mimete (and in fact possibly overlapping with her like Siren and Crow) only Tellu is serious about the mission. She'd use the Daimon oven like Eduial and Mimete, only her...
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    The Mystery of the Sailor Crystals

    Wow, a lot to think about here. My personal thought on the Silver Crystal (at least in the first anime) is that it is a power source separate from the Sailor Crystals. However, it merged with Usagi's Star Seed (when the Rainbow Crystals merged with her tear? Possibly any powerful catalyst would...
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    Your Sailor Moon Headcanons.

    Some really fun stuff here. I'd never heard of or thought of the theory that Sailor Cosmos is an embodiment of ALL Senshi! I think I like that. I at least want to ponder it more. As for head cannons of my own...well I have a minor one. I'm currently rewatching the Viz dub of Sailor Moon S and I...
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    Your Sailor Moon Headcanons.

    Yeah, I didn't like it either. It seemed like an unnecessary bit of lore that was never fully explained. It's just...weird. I would have liked Ami and Mako to receive/awaken their Sailor Crystals in a different way.
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    How did Kaolinite survive her fall from the Tokyo Tower?

    He didn't love her. He didn't even bat an eye at her second death. I personally think he brought her back to life simply "for science." It seems like the mad kind of thing he'd do simply to see if he could.
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    Why Didn't the Outers Know about the Talismans?

    Incomplete memories are a big part of it. I'm actually rewatching the Viz dub of S right now and Michiru outright said they have to wait for many of their memories to fully awaken. As to why this happened, it just seems to be a side effect of rebirth into this world. The Inner Senshi didn't have...
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    I only just now realized Haruka+Michiru in S already probably let people die

    Nah, I doubt it. They really struggle with the concept of letting people die for the greater good. However, they have done some very shady things. For example, they hung out with Mako and let her get close simply because she was today's target. They then drove Usagi (whose potential death was...
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    Did Usagi befriend Hotaru instead of Chibiusa in the original timeline?

    I assume you're talking about the Manga/Crystal scenario of Usagi investigating the school. You are right, in that scenario I think Usagi would have befriended her. However, I don't think there is an original timeline concerning the Death Busters or rather this is it. I think I remember it being...
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    Mamoru and Makoto

    True. It just seemed like a potential missed opportunity. More interaction all around might have been good. I liked how he comforted Ami that time in her heart crystal episode.
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    Mamoru and Makoto

    I'm not shipping them or anything but it struck me as odd that I've never seen them talking about/sympathizing about their similar backstories. Both of them lost their parents at an early age, grew up feeling alone, and now live alone. Just seems like a missed point of connection/friendship...
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    My fan fiction

    You make good points. I just wanted to see where it went and what I could do with such a story to make it my own. Sadly, motivation and discipline are severely lacking these days
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    Did Manga Galaxia Die By Suicide?

    I never thought of that way, for some reason I always thought that Chaos killed her. Suicide does actually make sense though
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    About Michiru's line in SS special and her character

    I think I agree with Slowpokeking that she was joking around and not being that serious. It's hard to think that she'd risk the entire planet for one person when she basically tried to do the opposite in S (kill three people to save the world). Yeah she tried to save Haruka but emotions can do...