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  1. SapphireMoonie

    90's Seasons you don't have motivation to rewatch

    R, as it went way too long... SuperS because of the HUGE focus on Chibiusa- I've also never watched that whole season >_> also couldn't understand at the time like WHY ARE THE OUTER SENSHI GONE? And Stars. It just felt like a big jumbled mess and I was so irritated with Seiya. the highlight...
  2. SapphireMoonie

    Were Seiren and Crow implided lesbians in the old anime?

    I never thought of it that way nor had really seen that, but it's also not a bad idea. They'd be an adorable couple! I saw them as close friends.
  3. SapphireMoonie

    Which version of Mamo would you like to play in a videogame?

    I went with Bat Tuxedo Mask but I'd also enjoy the Moonlight Knight version too
  4. SapphireMoonie

    Madman Entertainment picks up Sailor Moon for AUS and NZ

    I thought the same thing when I received mine the other day, The blue sticks out SO MUCH compared to the pink! I don't know why they went with blue.
  5. SapphireMoonie

    Favorite Opening Song

    Hands down my favorite is Moonlight Densetsu, followed by Sailor Stars theme. ALL the openings are truly lovely, though!
  6. SapphireMoonie

    Poll: Which of the shenshi's shoes are your favourite?

    I love Saturn's shoes, as I like boots in general. Being a klutz though I would not prefer heels :lol:
  7. SapphireMoonie

    The New Dub of The Movies

    I wasn't surprised to hear Viz finally got around to dubbing the R movie, however I was surprised about it will be in theaters. It's great though! Just not sure if I would see it as I generally don't go to the movies.
  8. SapphireMoonie

    Versions of Sailor Moon

    I'd have to say the manga for sure would be my ultimate favorite, followed closely by the 90s anime.
  9. SapphireMoonie

    Celebrating SM Birthdays!

    Happy belated birthday, Sailor Pluto~!
  10. SapphireMoonie

    Why Sailor Moon Crystal is awesome or good things about SMC

    Re: Positive things about Crystal. -The music is amazing (At first I didn't like Moon Pride, but when I watched the first few episodes it grew on me and I'm so happy they went with that~) -Seeing Sailor Saturn and just how they portrayed her was perfect -real time attacks -Usagi and Mamoru's...
  11. SapphireMoonie

    Sailor Moon VHS

    I didn't have any as a kid because I would just borrow from the library, but when I was a teenager I did find a couple at Half Price Books. I still have them even though I no longer own a VCR. Oh well!
  12. SapphireMoonie

    Madman Entertainment picks up Sailor Moon for AUS and NZ

    I saw the same thing with my copy, it is odd it would be like that when in the original Jap version it only played the four split screen version. Maybe Madman wanted us to hear Moonlight Densetsu twice for that episode! ^_^' :lol:
  13. SapphireMoonie

    How long did it take for you to finish watching the series?

    A super long time, didn't help I watched it all out of order :lol: Well let's just say a decade. I might binge it pretty soon though, now that I have most of the DVDs.
  14. SapphireMoonie

    As an adult, do you get embarrassed to say you are a SM fan?

    Not really, especially at my work where a few coworkers are fellow Moonies as well. Although I try not to talk about the series because if I did I wouldn't be able to get any work done :lol: I just wouldn't stop rambling on. And of course away from work, I proudly wear my Sailor Moon Hot Topic...
  15. SapphireMoonie

    Celebrating SM Birthdays!

    :usagi: :chibiusa: Happy Birthday to my two favorite ladies!
  16. SapphireMoonie

    Act.38 - Official Discussion Thread

    This episode left me feeling hopeful for the future of Sailor Moon Crystal and Toei can continually improve along the way. It's what I expected for a finale episode and the pacing of everything- I just hope next season they won't depend so much on the three minute recaps at the beginning of an...
  17. SapphireMoonie

    Act.37 - Official Discussion Thread

    I love that Saturn finally awakened, her voice is beautifully haunting :love: I felt she was portrayed more powerful than the 90s anime- it was really great to see that. I liked this episode overall, with the exception of reused stock footage (As most others have mentioned) and like the first...
  18. SapphireMoonie

    Name 1 positive and 1 negative of Crystal

    Positive: The music is beautiful and so is Kotono Mitsuishi :love: Negative: Weelll... no character development to say the least.
  19. SapphireMoonie

    Celebrity Fans of "Sailor Moon"

    Shows how much I pay attention to TBM! Haha :love: That is really awesome. I love Chibi!