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  1. Usapon

    Anyone else like Traditional Gender Roles in Anime?

    Oh no, I'm definitely not going to do that for you. ^_^' Why don't you brief me up? Uh, so you're saying that we should just either read everything you've already said over again or just leave you the **** alone because we're either stupid or just plain wrong? If this is not what you mean...
  2. Usapon

    Anyone else like Traditional Gender Roles in Anime?

    "Potential fanbase" doesn't exactly mean everybody. When you think of a "potential fanbase", you try to single out girls and boys, children and adults. Not saying that boys cannot watch BSSM, I'm saying that the makers didn't necessarily think that there would be a mass market boys or men of any...
  3. Usapon

    Anyone else like Traditional Gender Roles in Anime?

    This talk about commas reminds me of the almost comical contrast between the use of commas in my mother tongue and English. :P In English a sentence can be understandable without a comma in a definite place, whereas in my mother tongue there are strict rules for comma placement and use. :tongue...
  4. Usapon

    Anyone else like Traditional Gender Roles in Anime?

    Re: Am I the only one who genuinely enjoys sexism in Anime? ^ No, there can only be female senshi! :eek: (/provocation :P ) Doesn't seem so to me. Do tell me how it is incorrect. :P (Also: it's sort of cheap to pick on people's language during an argument if it isn't completely atrocious.)
  5. Usapon

    Anyone else like Traditional Gender Roles in Anime?

    I'm no passionate feminist and I don't mind seeing feminine girls or manly men who like to do "girl stuff" or "man stuff", but sometimes this "I can't let you do it, you are a woman and you are weak" sort of gets to me, not in a highly emotional level but anyway. It's one thing telling to an...
  6. Usapon

    Why the English dub was better than the Japanese dub

    Ah, well, haven't watched those episodes lately, so I can't really be accurate now, but I don't think that weight loss thing is to be taken completely seriously. And I can totally relate to Makoto having to do "women's jobs" to feel feminine when she is otherwise a tomboy. Who punishes people...
  7. Usapon

    Why the English dub was better than the Japanese dub

    Not an expert on the dub, but as an expert in bitchiness I'll do this anyway. :P Seriously? ^_^' I hate the cutey-cute trend of Japanese VAs in the style of Yuno Gasai, but a thought on any "Serena" makes me queasy. Huh? :eeklez: No, it sounds melodramatic in a distinctly American way. :P And...
  8. Usapon

    Do you have Sailor Moon songs stuck in your head?

    Sure. Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto most usually. Sometimes also Watashitachi ni Naritakute.
  9. Usapon

    How did Queen Serenity come into power?

    Because hey, who wouldn't want to be part of the perfect utopia of the Silver Millenium? :keke:
  10. Usapon

    Is it appropriate?

    I think so, too, and I never meant to deny any of this "completely and totally". P-: I can't understand how do our statements contradict that much.
  11. Usapon

    Is it appropriate?

    True. Generally I think that intense violence, bloodless or no, is worse for children than a sex scene is. Porn is a different thing because it's not "real" sex (my health ed teacher used the word "sex acrobatics" P-: ). By this I don't mean that all children should by all means watch people...
  12. Usapon

    Is it appropriate?

    Violence is definitely worse for children to watch than nudity or sex is, but I don't think either of those reaches such heights in BSSM. Nephrite's death is a bit gruesome, but I wouldn't exactly hold my hand up so that the kid couldn't see it, either. If they get traumatised, at least they...
  13. Usapon

    Hilarious Sailor Moon Memes

    Favourites. All of these. XD I didn't get that one.
  14. Usapon

    Who is the 5th Outer Senshi?

    A mere mistake? A slip? :P
  15. Usapon

    Which Sailor Senshi do you relate to the most?

    Ha, I get that too. Tho usually it's for my mom and lil bros more than for my friends, but I'm ready to swing punches for them as well. I only have a few friends, but they're all well loved by me.
  16. Usapon

    Which Sailor Senshi do you relate to the most?

    Pretty much all of the Outers. :P I go for girls, I'm (said to be ^_^' ) cool and serious but not without a sense of humour. Some people also tell me that I'm sort of mannish, not by appearance but by attitude and way of thinking. I can also be fairly mysterious.
  17. Usapon

    Birth Control Pill Case

    No, actually, I'd ask the same of you guys. It's not like this item is a must-have most-useful-thing-a-majing-ever, but you can't deny that it's a fun idea and it's creative (tho I have to agree with Cutiebunny, the art is horrible). You act like it's an intrauterine device with Eternal SM's...
  18. Usapon

    How come nobody noticed that Usagi wears a golden brooch?

    I consider it barbaric for people to walk around their houses with their shoes on.
  19. Usapon

    Hotaru/Chibiusa creepy?

    Yeah. These kinds of relationships are pretty typical of Takeuchi, in the manga any way.