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    How many people have cats named Luna, Artenis, or Diana (or a combination of them)?

    if i adopt a black queen cat someday i want to call her luna. now i have a brown tabby and luna doesn't seem like a good name for her. i think artemis and diana don't sound well enough for a cat. I like those names too but i wouldn't think them on cats.
  4. litacan

    How much do you think the Senshi use their powers for their own benefit?

    the first thing came to mind is that usagi often uses the disguise pen to turn herself into someone she wants to be :P
  5. litacan

    If you were any good at writing fics, what kind of subject or topic would you want to write?

    just basic au's with sm characters. those are things i enjoy writing and helps me to relax my mind :D however i won't write R18,i just prefer reading written ones.
  6. litacan

    Say something about the mothers of Sailor Moon?

    all of them are pretty good in their own ways. that's certain they do care about their daughters. when i think about it none of the girls have a bad mom. yes, even minako.
  7. litacan

    Celebrating SM Birthdays!

    happy birthday to rei ^^
  8. litacan

    Do you prefer the darker episodes or the lighthearted episodes more?

    lighter episodes. because i have mild ADHD and darker episodes are harder for me to focus. also i mostly watch to clear my head, darker episodes give me stress...
  9. litacan

    Why Senshi/Shittenou shipping sucks and just doesn’t work at all

    I only like rei x jadeite a bit. if there were any chemistry it could be between them. the rest wouldn't work imho.
  10. litacan

    What Mangaka do you want to make a sequel or spin off of Sailor Moon

    I also say clamp. because well i don't know much mangakas and clamp's style feels fitting to sm :P
  11. litacan

    happy birthday!

    happy birthday!
  12. litacan

    What songs do you like most?

    moonlight densetsu is #1 for me :D ai no senshi otome no policy tuxedo mirage la soldier (i love the orgel fantasia version too) sailor moon christmas song moon revenge as character theme songs i like listening to inner senshi themes. yumemiru dake ja dame koibito ni wa nareranai kedo someday...
  13. litacan

    What does "Sailor Training" consist of?

    what i think is improving the skills which will be handy for fighting the enemies. like martial arts and their personal senshi attacks. they can do it at any desolated place and that probably explains beach episodes... lol
  14. litacan

    What do you think that the Senshi, Luna, and Artemis were experiencing between the sacking of Silver Millennium and modern Tokyo of the 1970s?

    It may be stupid but I suppose they remain dead and meanitime experiences or memories are being installed when reincarnated.
  15. litacan

    Is the Sailor Moon Fandom pickier than other fandoms?

    been a fan of it since my childhood, and i'm picky myself. but i can't say anything about the others because the fandom is pretty big.
  16. litacan

    Most jealous characters in the franchise?

    beryl was the first that came to mind, she was jealous of endymion and that made her do wild things :P
  17. litacan

    The worst episodes of Sailor Moon (1992 version)

    minako's tragic love episode and minako & makoto had a quarrel episode. i tend to skip those two when i do a rewatch...
  18. litacan

    What part of Sailor Moon R do you like the most

    it's definitely my favorite season and i like it all but makai tree is my favorite. because ail and an were nice characters. and the plot is simple yet beautiful. lol.
  19. litacan

    If there was a 90’s anime spin-off told from the POV of a villain who would you want it to be?

    either beryl because she is my favorite. or galaxia because i think she has the most information. :P
  20. litacan

    Do you think the team would be better with a mature backbone leader like other female organization?

    maybe for the outers, yes. but i don't think it'll be good with inners. i think seperately.