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  1. Aggie

    What was the saddest scene in sailor moon

    The scene that will always get me is in the 90s version where Mamoru breaks up with usagi and before she even leaves her eyes are already all glassy and heartbroken but she’s trying to hold it together even though she’s very obviously not okay only for her to leave and have the most devastating...
  2. Aggie

    DiC voices with original Japanese music

    That was so good, I forgot how heart wrenching this scene was. Little me was not prepared for this when I first this scene
  3. Aggie

    If you were any good at writing fics, what kind of subject or topic would you want to write?

    I would want to write about the life of the royal family before sailor moon took place and the moon kingdom was destroyed. Including queen and princess serenity and family background.
  4. Aggie

    What are your favorite memories about Sailor Moon ?

    I can’t pinpoint a specific memory immediately but recently everything I think about rewatching sailor moon I get butterflies in my tummy from the nostalgia and right now I’m rewatching the part where the starlight’s come in
  5. Aggie

    Queen Nehelenia

    Ooo the tea. I was so hoping they were it just makes sense and adds more background from their past lives. When I watched the 90s version, I always wished they would go back to their past lives every now and then and just recall a memory or talk about something, anything instead of unlocking...
  6. Aggie

    Queen Nehelenia

    Are queen Nehelenia and queen serenity related (explaining the hair and her being queen of the dark moon) This has probably already been stated by I am all over the place on this subject.
  7. Aggie

    Alan and Ann?

    Same. I especially liked how Ann had her own personality outside being a villain.
  8. Aggie

    Alan and Ann?

    What did you think of Alan and An?
  9. Aggie

    Who sings the opening of each sailor moon opening? (Japanese)

    From the first season to the last who sings each song?