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  1. Akari @ria

    The Early Days of Sailor Moon

    In the materials collection and in some notes on nakayoshi, characteristics, particular peculiarities of the characters and senshi equipment are shown. It would be interesting to find out how the author wanted to integrate certain elements into the manga (details that were then discarded during...
  2. Akari @ria

    Osabu referred about who is the strongest senshi among solar system

    some cards attached to Nakayoshi showed the combative values of the senshi present at the time, it would be nice to know more 0w0
  3. Akari @ria

    Animated PGSM Style

    There is some merchandising with Naoko's drawings related to PGSM, this is what I found. 0w0
  4. Akari @ria

    The Sailor Moon Potpourri Thread

    I like this manga references in the 90's anime there wasn't only this one, but I don't remember in which episode the other ones appeared...
  5. Akari @ria

    What is the most unusual thing or time you thought of something having a connection with Sailor Moon?

    the italian opening of saint seiya hades reminds me a bit of the events of the 5th narrative arc of the manga. Translation: THE ZODIAC KNIGHTS, THE ZODIAC KNIGHTS. Here they come back and they meet again the golden knight heroes. But someone has sworn allegiance to the great indomitable...
  6. Akari @ria

    Sailor Moon Consistently On Top 10 Highest Grossing Anime Franchises

    Really? Actually just think of Ikuko Itoh's style used in the 90's series, it is used and recognized as iconic by all those who think or refer to 90's anime... It defined a generation, so much so that sailor moon it is still loved by historical fans and beyond, and much more than Cardcaptor...
  7. Akari @ria

    Was the Sailor Moon manga popular/influential enough to warrant Crystal?

    I've always wanted an animated version of the manga, I think the story deserves it, but it certainly doesn't deserve the treatment given by toei. true, with happinesscharge they had hit a rock bottom I never thought they would ever hit. I remember that in one of the episodes the fairies had a...
  8. Akari @ria

    Sailor Moon Cosmos announced for Summer 2023 [SPOILERS ALERT]

    A remake with a different story from the original doesn't really bother me, I think it's an alternative universe in which to develop different events. Who says then that maybe, if it's successful, they won't produce another remake more faithful to the original? I like the precures, I think that...
  9. Akari @ria

    Naoko Takeuchi's Recent Artwork

    As illustrations are very beautiful, her style is finally re-emerging, the one that makes the characters more adult and refined. ^^ Probably the star as a brooch symbolizes the fifth narrative arc "star that shines in my chest, continue to shine and give me your strength", with a similar phrase...
  10. Akari @ria

    The concept art for Mako involves her being given a smoking habit. Would it be relatively normal for the early 90s in Japan for a woman heroine to do?

    if I'm not mistaken in the first sketches and Naoko's notes Makoto should have been a semi-delinquent, like those guys who are part of youth gangs and duel with beatings. It is not uncommon for that type of characters to smoke in Japanese culture, if I remember correctly in Kimagure Orange...
  11. Akari @ria

    What part of Sailor Moon do you think isn’t hated ENOUGH?

    Yeah, she could transform and fight with the grail, instead she got screwed like a fool! =P I add: Chibiusa infatuated with Mamoru the exaggerated and excessive comedy in the 90s anime Galaxia in the 90s anime, they sanded our brains for 5 series on the fact that the protagonist is the only...
  12. Akari @ria

    Deviations from the manga

    In crystal season III they omitted the fact that pharaon 90's body is composed of black lava, also they removed the scene where, after the last battle, the inners, usagi and chibiusa go to the apartments of Haruka and Michiru finding them empty and they see the three helicopters. In the manga...
  13. Akari @ria

    Sailor Moon Cosmos announced for Summer 2023 [SPOILERS ALERT]

    Conspiracy for conspiracy... isn't it that Toei wants to boycott Naoko because in the 90's anime they couldn't have too much freedom of expression, besides the fact that now she owns all the rights to the series? :-P Think about it, with crystal III they had partly remedied the mistakes made in...
  14. Akari @ria

    Sailor Moon Cosmos announced for Summer 2023 [SPOILERS ALERT]

    I like the manga, both as a story and as a style, but, beyond the fact that there are personal tastes, the anime created by toei (crystal/eternal/cosmos) is really made with the feet. You can see that there isn't the slightest effort on their part, and what little they put in they killed it...
  15. Akari @ria

    Naoko Takeuchi's Recent Artwork

    I hope so, I also think Arina Tanemura would like to collaborate with Naoko. I found the interview attached to the Clamp image.
  16. Akari @ria

    What are your favorite memories about Sailor Moon ?

    For me, the 90s animated series was still very important. it was the first animated series starring fighting girls that struck me so much, as I could identify a little in each of them, Usagi, careless and clumsy, a little scared, just like me. Ami, with her shyness and being introverted. Rei...
  17. Akari @ria

    Random things in the show to point out for the sake of it

    in episode 28 of the 90s animated series, during the exhibition, images of other works by Naoko Takeuchi are shown in the paintings. When I found out that struck me a lot, a nice tribute!
  18. Akari @ria

    Naoko Takeuchi's Recent Artwork

    Apart from that I don't know how to do it (block people on this forum), but it's also an option that I don't intend to use, I like to confront myself with others, I always hope for a sincere and open comparison, but I don't want to bully anyone, I've been bullied and I know how it feels and I...
  19. Akari @ria

    Naoko Takeuchi's Recent Artwork

    The thing that I don't like is that, in having their say, they treat those who have different opinions from theirs underestimating them. Someone said "those who like the Sailormoon manga probably haven't read many manga", but what do they know about me and other people who like it? I like the...