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  1. SailorV-in-UK

    What do you think SM portrays most accurately?

    Sorry for the mega late reply... Um I really didn't get the feeling that he dressed up as a woman just to trap straight men. To me he seemed to be genuinely on the queer or trans side of things.
  2. SailorV-in-UK

    Sailor Moon Fashion

    For me it's a tie between Rei's sleek and elegant style and Minako's girly and baggy one.
  3. SailorV-in-UK

    What do you think SM portrays most accurately?

    As I said before, as a genderqueer male myself I think that queer men/transwomen were portrayed accurately through Zoisite and Fish Eye (except for the paedophilia innuendo in one episode!). Jadeite was an accurate portrayal of a sexist male. Pretty much all the senshi were realistic...
  4. SailorV-in-UK

    Ranking the '90s anime animators

    Based on the second link (I'll take an in-depth look at the third one later): :usagi: Best: Ikuko Itoh and Hisashi Kagawa Worst: Shinya Hasegawa, Taichi Nakamura, Masahiro Ando :ami: Best: Katsumi Tamegai, Hisashi Kagawa, Mari Tomigawa Worst: the last two :rei: Best: Shinya Hasegawa Worst...
  5. SailorV-in-UK

    Which villain do you think was most dangerous?

    Definitely that monster of the day that was very good at key related stuff but not at fighting.
  6. SailorV-in-UK

    Do you think the 90’s anime had good queer male representation

    The 90s anime has just many negative cisgender male and female stereotypes in it so I guess you can't claim that the queer male characters were particularly negatively portrayed. And btw I'm a gay male and rather genderqueer myself.
  7. SailorV-in-UK

    What should the 3rd Sailor Moon rebooted anime look like?

    It should look good and much b3tter than Crystal HA (I mean it!).
  8. SailorV-in-UK

    The WORST decision the 90s anime took in your opinion?

    I'm sure they were aware that transwomen were not pedophiles despite Japan being a conservative country.... .
  9. SailorV-in-UK

    Who are your most annoying characters?

    Uranus, Neptune, and the Starlights because they were such got old and tired VERY fast. Grandpa Hino for being a lecher (and this coming from a guy btw!). Not quite hate but Usagi's family, Umino, and Haruna Sakurada because they were SOOO cliche. I know they were meant to portray...
  10. SailorV-in-UK

    Naoko Takeuchi and LBGT

    Sailor Moon was more than progressive on LGBT topics by 90's Japan standards. Enough said. And this is coming from someone that is gay himself btw.
  11. SailorV-in-UK

    Favorite and least favorite villains of the franchise?

    Favorite: Amazoness Quartet. Good design, circus themed, entertaining and funny personalities, and I like that Nehelenia offered them eternal youth. Least favorite: Sailor Iron Mouse because I don't like cutesty type of cuteness; Mimete because she's too bratty; and Cyprine and Ptylol because...
  12. SailorV-in-UK

    What do you think about each senshi?

    He hasn't addressed it yet....
  13. SailorV-in-UK

    What do you think about each senshi?

    Has it been confirmed by Naoko that :setsuna: is part Romani?
  14. SailorV-in-UK

    What do you think about each senshi?

    You hate ladylike and kind people in real life?? How come?
  15. SailorV-in-UK

    What do you think about each senshi?

    PallaPalla - twisted and babyish so she's the only asteroid senshi I don't like. CereCere - love that she's ultra feminine and haughty. VesVes - great design, hard working, tried to overthrow Zirconia, and unintentionally funny which is a good thing of course. JunJun - and even better design but...
  16. SailorV-in-UK

    What do you think about each senshi?

    We have a rank the senshi thread but not one where share our opinion of them. :usagi: - I like her, she's a very nice person (the nicest one along with Venus and Saturn) but unfortunately for her I prefer supporting characters over main ones. :chibiusa: - no strong feelings about her. I don't...
  17. SailorV-in-UK

    Cutest SM character...

    Diana :diana:
  18. SailorV-in-UK

    What kind of villain do you prefer?

    Oh and what about the ones that are serious and efficient but only good at opening stuff with keys? :keke: