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  1. SailorStar9

    Sailor Moon OCs thread!!

    Coincidentally enough, the first Senshi I intended to insert into a fic (which I never got around to) was a Senshi OC: Sailor Vortex. This character is essentially the Guardian of the Dimensional Gates, much like how Sailor Pluto is the Keeper of the Door of Space and Time. Her main job was to...
  2. SailorStar9

    What are some double standards or hypocrisy in the fandom and in the show?

    R Season Doom Tree Arc: Ail can be attracted to Usagi all he wants, but him getting attracted to Makoto is a big no-no.
  3. SailorStar9

    Find that forgotten fanfic

    I can't for the love of God, remember that fic! That's why I posted this thread. :sadeyes:
  4. SailorStar9

    Confused over where Super S fits in the Sailor Moon continuity

    So, what would happen if one really wants to pin down a specific timeline for Super S?
  5. SailorStar9

    Confused over where Super S fits in the Sailor Moon continuity

    Didn't Usagi/Sailor Moon sort of reset time at the end of Classic, making it as if the Dark Kingdom events didn't happen?
  6. SailorStar9

    Confused over where Super S fits in the Sailor Moon continuity

    Because I just can't be the only one wondering over this: Episode 108 clearly occurs in summer in the Inner Senshi's 9th Grade (what with the Inner Senshi taking advantage of Mamoru's air-conditioning). And Episode 144 blatantly states it's summer and the Inner Senshi are still in 9th Grade...
  7. SailorStar9

    If you were granted an interview with Naoko..

    What had been your initial intention for Inner Senshi/Shitennou? Were they supposed to be paired off, or...? Did the Inner Senshi ever get paired up in Crystal Tokyo?
  8. SailorStar9

    What are the best series to cross over Sailor Moon with?

    I have another one: Sailor Moon crossed with Shokugeki no Souma. Makoto vs Souma in a Shokugeki cookoff? Who's gonna win?
  9. SailorStar9

    The Life After, Thoughts and Opinions

    The Life After, a sailor moon fanfic | FanFiction This fic pretty sums up my misgivings about Crystal Tokyo; great concept but flawed execution. Grandma's words stuck a cord in me: Without change, there is no growth. Without growth, people only stagnate. There is no higher cause to work, nor any...
  10. SailorStar9

    A Study in Tragedy, Thoughts and Opinions

    A Study in Tragedy, a sailor moon fanfic | FanFiction I want everyone's opinions and thoughts about this character study about Beryl. One of the sentences that struck me most was this; 'I was fighting for love too, so why did my battle have to end in misery while she got everything she wanted?'...
  11. SailorStar9

    What have you learned from Sailor Moon?

    I learnt that: 1) It doesn't matter just how many power-ups you get; as long as your Senshi name doesn't have a 'Moon' tagged to it, you're sidelined 98% of the time. 2) Crystal Tokyo can very well be a dystopia to some. 3) Time paradoxes have no place in Sailor Moon... which pretty much renders...
  12. SailorStar9

    Good or Bad: Pre-knowledge of the future

    Is a good thing or a bad thing for Usagi to learn about her future as Neo-Queen Serenity? Or for the Inner Senshi to learn about the existence of Crystal Tokyo for that matter. And that's not minding the possible time paradoxes. Discuss!
  13. SailorStar9

    Powers and Items You Wish the Senshi Had

    How about Saint Seiya-like armors in relation to the Four Guardians, because that's what I gave them in my newest fanfic: I also souped up their attack abilities.
  14. SailorStar9

    Inner Senshi: After Chibi-Usa's Ascension

    Will the Inner Senshi be redundant after Chibi-Usa ascends the throne? I mean, Small Lady has her own Senshi team, so I reckon the Amazon Senshi will replace the original Inner Senshi.
  15. SailorStar9

    Are the current era Senshi their only reincarnations?

    You guys are so cruel.:evil: Someone, write a fanfic about this!:lol: I was thinking more along the lines of the Senshi reincarnating as normal humans, only without their powers.
  16. SailorStar9

    Are the current era Senshi their only reincarnations?

    Exactly what the topic title says. As we all know, the current day Senshi are the reincarnations of the Silver Millennium Senshi; but are their current era selves their only reincarnations? Personally, I would like to think that the girls were reborn throughout the Japan modern era, without...
  17. SailorStar9

    Inner Senshi: Silver Millennium vs Present Day

    I'm not sure if this has already been touched on; if it has, feel free to drop it into the Cauldron. Anyway, we all know the Present Day Inner Senshi are the reincarnations of the Silver Millennium Inner Senshi. So, my question is: just how different are the Present Day Inner Senshi compared...
  18. SailorStar9

    Tolerance of 'Evil' Beings

    Not exactly 'mindless' per say, just normal, manifested Yokai from Japan mythology. Like the Yokai from 'Nurarihyon no Mago', where they are actually self-aware and behave like real humans.
  19. SailorStar9

    Tolerance of 'Evil' Beings

    So, I was watching both Seasons of 'Nurarihyon no Mago' over the weekend and it got me thinking: just how tolerant is Usagi towards beings she deems as 'evil', like the generalized Yokai, for example?
  20. SailorStar9

    [Forum Game] ask a Sailor Senshi

    :luna:: Who said I designed them? We do have a weapons creator specialist during the Silver Millennium, you know? To :usagi: & ::tuxspeedmask:: In hindsight, if the two of you could turn back time, what would you not do as Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion?