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  1. J

    Keeping up w/ the PGSM cast

    Awww that's good to hear. Congrats to her.
  2. J

    DiC dub mysteries... is Rini's given name actually Serena?

    Same here. A nickname to Serena or Serenity. Either way works, honestly
  3. J

    DiC Dub: The Frontier of Fandom Post-Crysternos

    Wasn't the original masters of the DIC Dub destroyed permanently so it can never be re-released?
  4. J

    What is the worst fridge horror to you about SM?

    I was talking about the Anime version, not the manga/Cosmo version
  5. J

    What is the worst fridge horror to you about SM?

    Also, when she was asked what disaster did happen that caused it, Sailor Pluto herself remained silent as not to let time interfere. Though to me, I always saw this as a possible future before Galaxia's interference aka when she awoke Neherrina and later when Galaxia herself took Tuxedo Masks's...
  6. J

    Attack Descriptions

    Now that you say that...that kind of makes the Breakup plot point not as bad (despite it flawed) as it seemed.
  7. J

    What part of Sailor Moon do you think isn’t hated ENOUGH?

    To be honest, this is not about the hate, but I just feel like the Viz dub voice of Katarina (despite me liking Veronica Taylor) was actually miscasted and personally, if they wanted to redub it correctly, I felt like someone with an actual British accent should've voiced her in that dub. Same...
  8. J

    DiC voices with original Japanese music

    Probably Ultimate Vocal Removal.
  9. J

    Library music unearthed

    Sadly, not every Cmusic album is on Apple Music
  10. J

    What part of Sailor Moon do you think is over hated.

    Agreed. I'm sick and tired of it getting hated to the point where people say it's made by "Satan" which is not.
  11. J

    Library music unearthed

    I'm glad C Music is finally uploading their music on YT so we can properly have them without the annoying voice
  12. J

    If Usagi and Mamoru saw the pics IRL artists drew of mythical Selene and Endymion...

    Wow...and I thought Luna and Yaten bathing together was shocking and inappropriate.
  13. J

    North American Sailor Moon commercials!

    I still have (most, minus the cats, Uranus & Neptune) those 90s era plushes from back then and took great care of those. They were quite cute at the time when I got them.
  14. J

    What would Mercury/Jupiters "guardians" be?

    You know, when it came to Jupiter and the concept of her own guardian animal, I always imagine a dog being her companion. Mercury, maybe a fox or something. At least to me
  15. J

    Sailor Moon AI DUBS!!!

    That's a relief. I mean I'm not one for AI dubs sometimes as it sometimes takes away the effort someone put their hard work on. But that's just me.
  16. J

    Sailor Moon Cosmos announced for Summer 2023 [SPOILERS ALERT]

    I'm only gonna say this once, but I would have to say this: "It's about damn time that the Animamates got something in plush forms".
  17. J

    Sailor Moon Cosmos announced for Summer 2023 [SPOILERS ALERT]

    In my opinion, considering that the previous voice of Galaxia did this, Megumi Hayashibara should've sang Sailor Stars song. Or at least for this album, give the Animamates their own song like they did with the Shinnteou, Amazon Trio, and Amazon Quartet
  18. J

    Could a company like DiscoTek, etc. get the rights to rerelease the OG English dub?

    Yeah I always figured Naoko had a hand in destroying the original masters of the DIC Dub on purpose
  19. J

    DiC voices with original Japanese music

    I felt my heart tugged all over again. You did a wondrous job on it. It makes the possibility of an uncut DIC dub possible.