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    About Izumi Sakai

    Thanks. I know she was shy so she usually don’t talk about her life. However, knowing her favourite anime series was Detective Conan, I thought there could be more info available about her hobbies (her favourite videogame, for example) I have seen footage of her in France being kissed by 2 old...
  2. K

    About Izumi Sakai

    Thanks a lot, Rika. About Wikipedia, I read that some years ago if I remember well (about 2013), but then, there were less info. I have re-read both Zard and Sakai’s wikipedia entries now and I have learned some new things like her first live was the cruise live in 1999 (I watched that concert...
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    About Izumi Sakai

    I love ZARD and Sakai-san because she was a great singer and song-writter. But, sadly, I know too few about her life. I know she was a model before becoming a singer, and she liked Detective Conan, sports, travelled to France and other occidental countries and died in 2007 due to her cancer...
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    Plot Doubts

    1.Why all sailor scouts resurrected in anime Chapter 46? 2.Why all sailor scouts lost their memories in same chapter? 3.Had Luna and Artemis the hability of deactivate/reactivate sailor scouts memories? 4.Why Queen Beryl starts a different stoling-energy plan in each chapter, instead starting...