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  1. Galaxia

    Why is the SuperS finale so lame?

    All the finales of the 90s anime have something going for them, the first one is literally heartbreaking and a staple in Usagi’s journey, the second one in Chibusa’s journey, the third finale is phenomenal and in my opinion the best and the Stars finale is the conclusion of the show. The SuperS...
  2. Galaxia

    Sailor Moon Cosmos announced for Summer 2023 [SPOILERS ALERT]

    I’m really worried about what they’re gonna cut from the manga. I know Eternal did a fairly good job aside from cutting a view plot points but I worry about acts like the Desert act with Lethe and Mnemosyne to be reduced to just a short battle when there’s so much to that part in the manga. It...
  3. Galaxia

    Is Sailor Cosmos a coward?

    She fled the far future instead of facing her responsibilities and wanted her past self to destroy all life to put a stop to war but also life in general, was this a coward move or is there more to her motives? I’m curious about your interpretation
  4. Galaxia

    Sailor Moon Cosmos announced for Summer 2023 [SPOILERS ALERT]

    I’m glad we’re finally seeing Heavy Metal Papillon, Phi, Chi, Lethe & Mnemosyne cause I was getting worried some of them might be cut. I hope the desert act from the manga with L & M is done justice in Cosmos cause it’s such a good act, it really dives deep into L & M’s motives and with them...
  5. Galaxia

    The 90s anime version of Infinity was incredibly dark

    I honestly think the final few episodes did a way better job of showing the ending then the manga/crystal did. The music is more intense, Pharaoh 90 feels more disturbed because he doesnt speak and is just a big silent alien, Mistress 9’s voice acting is incredibly strong.. I could go on!