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  1. Thexall

    You’ve heard of “Cousins” now get ready for…

    Next step is selfcest. I'm sure somewhere is Haruka the Michiru from the future.
  2. Thexall

    Confessions of an Anti Sailor Fan

    Wow, it feels like i've traveled back in time to the early 90s of the internet. The only thing missing is background music that i can't turn off.
  3. Thexall

    Confessions of an Anti Sailor Fan

    No, but Black Lady prefers inappropriate relationships. Someone should protect our 18 year old students from 900 year old lolis. I mean... how [BLEEP]ed up is she, that's just 2% of her lifespan. :p
  4. Thexall

    Sailor Moon AI DUBS!!!

    Just wait until Hollywood decides that it is cheaper to synthesize your Dub... first partially, then entirely. They are already using dead actors that they CGI over the... greenscreen-suit (?) of an another actor. AI generates already extremely impressive results. That's my favourite example...
  5. Thexall

    Who should Chaos choose as Sailor Chaos?

    Look into my eyes. LOOK INTO MY EYES. Hotaru/Mistress 9 is mine, got it? >:O
  6. Thexall

    What do you think the relation is between the Senshi and their eponymous gods?

    I think it's more of a symbolic referencing as long as we don't really see them on screen. It would massively shift the attention to some really powerful male players if they would exist in the sm-verse and I'm pretty sure that this was not the intention of Takeuchi. Especially since it always...
  7. Thexall

    What do you think the relation is between the Senshi and their eponymous gods?

    I don't think that the roman gods exist in the Sailor Moon-Universe as this series is clearly pushing the idea of girlpower and matriarchy, where the roles are reversed and men are just here to cheer for the senshi or be the bad guys that get destined to die. And the Roman gods are simply an...
  8. Thexall

    Who should Chaos choose as Sailor Chaos?

    I demand more screentime for Hotaru/Mistress 9.
  9. Thexall

    To be clear, they don´t need to actually say anything to transform or use their powers, correct?

    Everybody knows that you have to announce all your moves and attacks. When you hide in bushes and wait for your enemy to reach a certain spot, you have to jump out of it while he's still 50 meters away and give a speech before you attack.
  10. Thexall

    The age you thought the senshi had

    Technically, she is.
  11. Thexall

    Does each solar system have a main Princess?

    It is possible that her solar system had only one planet circling around her star, *or* she had Guardians in the past and they died before the flashbacks, likely during fullfilling the duty. Maybe while they contained the chaos in her sword?
  12. Thexall

    Imagine Yourself as a Sailor Senshi:

    That would be odd since my genitals are external and Sailor Moon is the typical girl power manga/anime. And I don't want to choose my own superpower now either, because then of course I would choose an absurdly overpowered one (my personal favourite is spatial magic/spacetime bending). But I'd...
  13. Thexall

    Does each solar system have a main Princess?

    That's actually very likely. Many solar systems could have Senshi that look more like Spiders or Ants that have learned to use tools and don't even communicate through Sound and Visuals, but vibrations in the ground. Or maybe they recognize their surroundings by Sonar or they can sense magnetic...
  14. Thexall

    Who is marketing the stuff made in universe?

    True, not every crime fighting superhuman team can have his own sugarbillionaire. And it's way more likely to end up with someone in the vein of Stan Edgar than Bruce Wayne.
  15. Thexall

    Who is marketing the stuff made in universe?

    The only thing we can do is hope that the Senshi never discover the internet and rule 34. But it's an interesting question. The Justice League in the Justice League Unlimited-TAS from the 90s/00s had a very clear point about that: they weren't supporting fan articles, they don't sell their image...
  16. Thexall

    Hottest female villain

    Mistress 9 and it's not even close.
  17. Thexall

    If Mamoru got to fall for another senshi, who should it be?

    There should be enough stuff in the internet that pairs up Chibiusa with Mamoru. Or Hotaru. Or basically anyone. :cthulhu:
  18. Thexall

    What kind of ordinary role can you think of for the Senshi that isn´t about combat using their demigodlike powers?

    Yeah, but espionage is more than just putting on a costume. They could become professional cosplayers like Jessica Nigri, but if they would investigate anyone, they would drop their masks right in the second where they see a small fry dealing drugs, instead of following the trace to the cartel...