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  1. C

    One additional thing I thought of as to why Chibiusa had hesitations about going back to the future

    Not in a time traveling car with the Professor, but she would probably have a lot more limited opportunities for privacy. Anyone famous will be limited by the press. Minutes after it was announced that Princess Kate was pregnant, millions of people knew, and a billion probably knew within a few...
  2. C

    Shower thought: How was Chibiusa´s cost of living paid for?

    Children do cost quite a bit to raise. I guess maybe Usagi and co. could stick the disguise pen in her hand, have her say things like School uniform, undress her but keep the clothes, and repeat until they have enough, and they did treat her to things like ice cream on enough instances, but you...
  3. C

    Headcanon on Chibiusa

    Just a thought about Chibiusa. If her brain is locked in to the development level of a child of around 6-7 years as of the start of R, I´m thinking that she is likely to be unusually good at picking up other languages and writing systems given that children tend to be rather good at picking up...
  4. BlackasKnight

    Did Gohans popularity from 1993 inspire Chibiusa to be made?

    According to Naoko Takeuchi in 1993 her editor Fumio Osano asked her to give Sailor Moon a daughter, this was when she began to do the Black Moon storyline. In that saga Chibiusa was first introduced from April to July meanwhile from April to June Gohans popularity as a child was outdoing every...
  5. Masquerade

    The issue with Chibi-Usa's name in foreign translations.

    Ok, It's been 28 years since Sailor Moon first made its way out of Japan, back in late 1993. The show hit Spain and France back then. Let's take use dubs as an example for the subject of this thread. We know Usagi was named "Bunny" in international Engrish scripts sent by Toei. While both French...
  6. kasumigenx

    Galaxia controlled Chibiusa - my fanart

    I kind of wish that Galaxia revived Black Lady.