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    Do you think Artemis, Diana, and Luna just casually use their human forms off screen?

    Maybe when going to a nice fancy place with the other Senshi and Mamoru, when Mamoru invited Artemis to go drinking with him after they rescued the nun at the church, when writing things down when they need opposable thumbs, etc. At least they seem to transform with clothes, it would be...
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    Is Diana supposed to be recently born as of the time Chibiusa goes to the past or is she supposed to be centuries old but stuck in age like Chibiusa?

    If you think being something like 8 years old for 900 years is bad, try being 8 weeks old for 900 years. Diana is quite intelligent for a kitten, but she could just be on the small end in terms of centimetres for an adolescent cat.
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    Sentient Cats

    This might be a bit of speculation on my part. Helios, Mamoru, and the senshi all would think of Luna, Artemis, and Diana as sentient and just as sentient as themselves. Usagi got mad at Luna for hiding in her dress in S1 and called her a pervert for doing that. I wonder whether they do things...
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    Do you think that Luna, Artemis, and Diana still enjoy regular cat things?

    EG when Luna is just around the Tsukino house and Ikuko pets her head and shoulders, or Artemis going out to hunt birds, or teaching Diana how to do so, maybe Ami or Mamoru trying to do experiments on them like how well they can distinguish colours or create an automatic bowl refilling machine...
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    What do you think Artemis, Luna, and Diana´s surnames are?

    There are mononymous people in the world, but that´s pretty rare. Would be kinda inconvenient for any of them, especially as they were transformed into humans at the end of the Eternal movie, had actually gotten married in that church Artemis was eying they don´t know what surname name to give...